Thursday, January 22, 2009

Breakfast food - Eggs and Toast

Eggs and toast is just about my favorite breakfast, especially after teaching spin and doing my workout and while it sounds easy enough, I've come to find there's a lot of folks who don't eat eggs simply because they can't get them how they want them so I thought I'd share my method.

First, you simply must pre-heat the pan. Not doing so is the single most common way to make cooking more difficult by having stuff stick. A properly pre-heated pan will sear the bottom of the food and it will release from the pan. So pre-heat, or do like I do and turn on the flamage while you pop the toast in the toaster. Then add a little olive oil and crack your eggs in with care. I do one whole egg and an egg white.

Top with a little garlic salt, flaked red pepper and basil (or the herb of your choice). Then, and this is the really important part, put ~2 or ~3 tablespoons of water to the side of egg and put a lid on it. If your pan is nice and hot, it only takes about 60 secs or less.

You're almost poaching your eggs. I'll cover that later. Poaching is an excellent way to forgo the oil entirely. Grab your toast, eggs and cappuccino and you're off to a great day.

Tomorrow is French Toast Friday to be followed by Biscuits and Sausage Gravy Saturday.


Jon said...

Well, that is almost my very same recipe and method.

Your stove is nice than mine though.

paxtoncoyote said...

Similar here also but I don't use the water or lid, interesting idea. I am a garlic & crushed red pepper fan as well as cajun seasoning & Italian seasoning & we cook exclusivley in cast iron, old school style! Biscuits & gravy Saturday...what time & where? HA!

-Sharilyn said...

If you want to have it for dinner, skip the toast. Boil some whole-wheat pasta, throw in a little parmesan, and slide the egg on top of it all. Sometimes, I saute some spinach and throw in there, too. Yum!

Nancy said...

What a great looking stove. I love it!!!! And that red enameled cast iron skillet!!! mmmmmmmm So pretty!!! It is all about the aesthetics isn't?

sydney said...

@Jon, it's the best way to get that soft yolk w/o the risk of breaking it on the flip, no?

@Paxtoncoyote, I'm a heavy crushed red pepper fan too. If you're in town, I'd throw a S&B Sat. Just give me a heads up!

That sounds good, Sharilyn. Is this the Sharilyn I think it is??? :D (I did this recipe that called for an egg embedded in mashed potatoes --- it had some cute name and kids were supposed to think it was really cool, but mine thought it was too weird.)

Mom... aesthetics are important, aren't they? And, it's not about how expensive something is, so much as the mood it helps create.

My new stove looks good and because it works so well, I really enjoy cooking on it, which means more wonderful smells through the house and grinning boys in the kitchen, where they tell me their tales. And that lovely pan...Thank YOU for giving it to me! It's so pretty and just the right size for most everything.