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Earl Blumenauer, a Bicycle Evangelist With the Wind Now at His Back - Biography -

The New York Times has some wonderful articles in health and fitness. It's well worth trading a little personal info to register and read the full articles

“We have been flogging this bicycle thing for 20 years,” said Mr. Blumenauer, a Democrat. “All of a sudden it’s hot.” Read the article.

Image by Stirling Elmendorf

Recipe for "Friday Mussgo"

Now this is a fine idea
. I guess I already do something like it, but this is kind of nifty.

Oh, and what is "Friday Mussgo?" It's when you look in your fridge and see what needs to be used and that's what's for dinner. Your family will be suspicious, but it'll be delicious. If they're hungry enough, they won't ask too many questions. ;)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Good thing i can run

Good thing i can run
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Full on sprint at least saves a trip to pick it up.

Personal Best - Fitness Isn’t an Overnight Sensation -

I know, "newflash." But, it never ceases to surprise me when intelligent people seem disappointed when they don't get radical changes with a here and there approach to fitness.

It's a good article. Take a couple of minutes and give it a read.

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Need a 'pick me up' during these frigid temps? Start some kitchen sprouts or herbs. Your spirits will lift as they grow.

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Action figures everywhere

Action figures everywhere
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'i don't think guys ever outgrow action figures. The scenes just get more sophisticated.' -- erik, age 15

racing updates #34

Gabcast! racing updates #34

Friday, January 23, 2009

Let's cook, you know, for cyclists.

I know, I need better background for video, but this is quick and dirty, no production time.

OK, if you read this at work and don't do audio.... here's the gist:

Think about your favorite healthy recipes. Pick one or two, describe the best times to have them, write up the recipe and take some pix. At the very least, take a pic of yourself. Because I'm going to make all of them and will take pix of my efforts.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Breakfast food - Eggs and Toast

Eggs and toast is just about my favorite breakfast, especially after teaching spin and doing my workout and while it sounds easy enough, I've come to find there's a lot of folks who don't eat eggs simply because they can't get them how they want them so I thought I'd share my method.

First, you simply must pre-heat the pan. Not doing so is the single most common way to make cooking more difficult by having stuff stick. A properly pre-heated pan will sear the bottom of the food and it will release from the pan. So pre-heat, or do like I do and turn on the flamage while you pop the toast in the toaster. Then add a little olive oil and crack your eggs in with care. I do one whole egg and an egg white.

Top with a little garlic salt, flaked red pepper and basil (or the herb of your choice). Then, and this is the really important part, put ~2 or ~3 tablespoons of water to the side of egg and put a lid on it. If your pan is nice and hot, it only takes about 60 secs or less.

You're almost poaching your eggs. I'll cover that later. Poaching is an excellent way to forgo the oil entirely. Grab your toast, eggs and cappuccino and you're off to a great day.

Tomorrow is French Toast Friday to be followed by Biscuits and Sausage Gravy Saturday.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pic by erik

Pic by erik
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Kids draw the cutest things for their parents but I can't store the paper, so I'm digitizing.

Who knew?

I think this is a first that something I've eaten, and even recommended as tasty, is found on a worst foods list. Just goes to show you that it always pays to know the nutritional profiles before you go in. I'm guess it can't just be the salmon though. Surely, those extra cals must be a super-rich side.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Congrats, Sis!

If you ever need a lawyer, I know the toughest in town and she just made partner.
Congratulations, Nichole!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mt Gaylor

Mt Gaylor
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Nice three and a half hrs today including up Mt Gaylor. We also did this extra climb on the way up. You turn right on Sheppard and go to the bottom then ride back up that and on to the top. Was a good

Gonna go get some food. I could get used to this 50 degree weather in january.

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Let's make a deal...

One of the advantages of my job is being surrounded by domain experts in all kinds of different fields. Consequently, most every day something I wouldn't have encountered or thought about is brought to my attention and I learn something interesting.

I'd like to share today's with you. It's called the "Monty Hall Problem" or "Let's make a deal."

You are a contestant on a game show and there are three doors. Behind two of the doors are goats. Behind one of the doors is a car.

You will choose a door and the game show host will open another, revealing a goat, and then ask if you want to switch from your original selection. Does switching improve your odds of winning the car?

Although it's counter-intuitive, switching does improve your chances. In fact, instead of a ~33% chance of winning the car, you have a ~66% chance.


Seriously. Try it.
Play the Game

Now, to understand why it works, watch this video.

Or... in short...
"Basically, if you choose to "swap" you are betting that your original guess was wrong, and you will win everytime your original guess was wrong. Your original guess is going to be wrong 2/3 of the time, therefore you'll win 2/3 of the time by swapping." - semiauto25

Thx Dan

Thx Dan
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I love my Gaggia, especially at 5am. Big thx to Dan and The Mill crew for keeping it running and hooking me up with most delicious coffee.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Base to race

It was with a great deal of relief to discover this morning that my body was going to come around to the idea of training again. It seemed last week that in the three weeks off, it had decided to go on strike and never work hard again, let alone deliver any decent power.

However, this morning I could tell the necessary switches had been thrown and the program was going to do its magic, which is good since this weekend I'm meeting the mercy girls in Arkansas for 3 days of riding and camaraderie. I'll try and remember to take some pictures.

I think my first race this season will be the Pace Bend road race in TX. It's quite a drive, but this cold weather is wearing on my nerves and I need something to look forward to and think about while I'm trainer bound in the wee morning hours.

In other news, I'm completely swamped with non-cycling stuff.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Me 'n' Kyle

Me 'n' Kyle
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After mom's birthday dinner, Kyle and I realized we didn't have many pix together, so we had my mom snap us quick.

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Found a fantastic book in ft. Collins

" yourself from the numbing exactitude of recipes..."

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Trip to colorado ought to help his driving