Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Tolerance for Courageous Sucking

Yeah, it's about photography, but is applicable to anything at which you'd like to improve, so don your lycra and "Cleft Unto the Suck."

And, even if a given shot is shit — and, most certainly, the vast majority of all my photos are varying degrees of shit — you still learn from the bad ones and no damage is done. Truth is, at the level I’m playing, there’s no real cost associated with failure. Unless, you count the damage of working with unrealistic expectations or the paralyzing joylessness of the conventional wisdom that only some are “Blessed with Creativity…” [insert Tinkerbell glissando]

So, maybe, that’s what really grabbed me last night, when — depending on your perception of how this stuff works — I either started to lose The Fear, or I became one of those horrible little people who doesn’t realize how stupid they look fiddling with a camera.


Same idea from Ira Glass:

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bryan said...

that was awesome.