Tuesday, December 09, 2008

In pursuit of "Stars'n'Bars"

With Nationals just days hours away, I've been experiencing butterflies in the tummy and other indicators of anticipation. I'll be racing for my age group win on Friday at 1pm, as will my mom, and then aiming for a top 20 finish on Sunday with the elites at 12:30. If it crosses your mind, send out some good vibes around those times. :)

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I'll be posting updates from Natz with my trusty samsung.

Some good reads:
USGP Women's Finale
CX Magazine's breakdown of the national's course


bryan said...

go. get. it.

nicol said...

Good vibes being sent, Sydney (and for Nancy)! :)

oldmanandhisbike said...

Check out the video preview of the course on YouTube (link at the bottom of that article). Looks like fun! Of course, it probably won't be that warm come race time!
Have a great race and stomp the comp-etition!

the mostly reverend said...

your 9th grader is a wrestler? good for you and him!! i wrestled in junior high and high school, and coached the year that i taught school.
other than cycling, it is the most demanding, unappreciated sport a kid can do. long hours of training--year-round--of hard, thankless work. sacrifice, sweat, and all that. the thing i like more about cycling is being able to eat, rather than [when i wrestled] having to starve.
my son-in-law wrestled at iowa state, and is still coaching there, so i get to go to meets and tournaments all the time.
good for you, syd, and best of luck to erik.

the mostly reverend said...

oh, and good luck to you and your mom at nats.

Neve_r_est said...

Weather looks like it could be delightful. You should be able to use some of those loose gravel/slippery mud training skills to their best. This is gonna be so fun!


Neve_r_est said...

and I mean that in the most positive way. Really.


sydney said...

You know, after Jingle CX, I'm not sure what I want, if the weather were to ask me. The only flat place to really wind it up is down on the pavement, so that's independent of the mud, grass or whatever it will be. Other than that, it's up up up up up up up up doooooowwwwwwwwn.

bluecolnago said...

kick it, sydney!!!!

good luck to you and your mom!


Cornbread said...

You've got nothin' to worry about. Just go out and have fun.

BTW, I still have your pedal. I need to get that back to you. When/where?

sydney said...

Oh, that's right! It's for fun. :)

Thanks, Corey, sometimes I forget.

sda said...

got ya covered on the positive vibes sydney. i'll be telepathically pushing you along the course from a lift chair at loveland basin, most likely.

go get 'em.