Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Google Forms + Mobile Web = Happy Nerd

I like spreadsheets, but oftentimes the data I want to track is awkwardly removed from where I want to review it. Take tracking your gas mileage. You have to write it down, do the calculations, then  if you want to see what it was over a month, etc. You can see how it gets to be a pain.  No more and it won't cost you a dime.

Create a Google form and then use your mobile web-enabled phone to enter data wherever you're at. Because Google let's you decide which columns to make public, there's no risk of showing what you may want to keep secret.  Behind the scenes you can have your spreadsheet constantly calculating and you can see your analysis when you choose with no big labor investment.

Sometimes, the simplest solutions are right under your nose.



Chris said...

I will check it out. You are always doing the high tech things - voice posts, etc.

Marc said...

Where was google in my 20's. Could of kept better track of my beer intake at the bars. Then when the cop asks " how many did you have" BAM! you could pull out the spreadsheet.

Disclaimer: Yes I drank occassionally large quantities of beer in my 20's. I don't do that anymore. Heck, I got a six in my fridge that's going bad from lack of use