Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mental training

Must be the day... During my workout this morning, I almost quit three times, but kept telling myself not to practice quitting. Don't need to get better at that. Yes, there's plenty of perfectly good excuses, but pushing just a little harder will be what I'll need to hold a wheel. Just focus on completing the interval. Don't think about the others, just this one. Do it right.

Before the final interval, I decided I wouldn't worry so much about my legs, I would simply focus on making them turn, one crank at a time, and the reward would be having made myself do it. It was so worth it. In a couple of weeks, I might very well hit that point where 2nd - 10th looks a lot better than imposing more pain on my engine. When it comes, I'll be ready. I'll think about this morning. I'll focus on what I really want and push through.

As I cruised my news, I found my thoughts affirmed by none other than Levi Leipheimer. Give it a read, it's worth your time.


bryan said...

I spent way too much time thinking the same way this morning. About quitting, not Levi Leipheimer.

Though I was watching the 2007 Tour. Rasmussen is in yellow, by the way.

Marc said...

There is a point where you aren't doing any good with a workout by pushing beyond 100%. You can only do what you can only do. A well thought out plan will take you to a progressively new level " in time".

What Levi forgets to mention is all the support he gets to be a champion. I want to see more articles on the scene behind the pro athlete.

He did mention he has his good days and bad.

The majority of athletes need to give ourselves more credit then we think. The everyday athlete has more than just cycling to think about.

Harp said...

I think we all have those mental battles. It's easy to find an excuse to quite. I could rattle off about 20 reasons every day not to do my workouts.

JuneBug said...

I agree. MAN . I been struggling too sometimes. Remember to have fun! I think for me its the daylight leaving us and the change in the weather. When I get like that, I try shortening up my intervals and just do more of them with a small 'mental' rest in between. (very small, like you are going down a hill). It works for me but I know I still need to get my long intervals in sooner or later.