Saturday, November 15, 2008

Farm CX Pictures and Results

See the pix.
Joy Division
1. Craig Schmidt
2. Kevin Murray
3. Janna Vavra
4. Fr. Tucker
5. Kim Carveth
6. Nancy Brown
7. Scott

Glory Racers
1. Jesse Petersen
2. Nate Woodman
3. Sydney Brown
4. Marc Walter
5. John Vondracek
6. Dennis Grelk
7. John Dean


Sport said...

Great race! Great venue! and the mud was perfect.

Anonymous said...

Cherry, sorry I couldn't make it. Sick Kid and Sick Wife. Pat

Chris said...

Syd - stop beating up on the boys. You bully.

gravy said...

Eh, I never was much of a joy division fan. :p

To all the Browns, thanks fir the hospitality!

sydney said...

Zip, I wondered what happened to you. Sorry about the illness. You oughta come out and play at the Lincoln CX race in Pioneers Park next week. It'll be the last local opportunity this season.

Sport, thank you SO MUCH for your help setting up and tearing down. Would have been hard to keep things on time without you. Ditto to you Dennis Grelk.

Gravy, was good to see you. Thank you for coming out Saturday.

Chris, I like to think I'm some added inspiration. I know you guys like to get girled.