Sunday, November 02, 2008

Boss CX at Tiffany Springs - My legs are toast

Helmet cam lap courtesy of Gary Calton.

Saturday's Boss Cross was on the Tiffany Springs nationals course. This picture doesn't do it justice, but in short, the course is built on the side of a south-facing hill. It's not very technical, though that would change if it weren't dry. Covered in ice, mud or a mix, I think there would be potential for lots of time spent on the ground.

The course will be quite spectator friendly. From the starting area, you can pretty much see the entire race, which is cool. Also, having it on the south side of the hill might help reduce winds from the north.

Anyway, we had a decent showing in the women's 1/2/3. I got a great start and never lost the lead. My Trek riding cx teamie, Catherine Walberg, was second and Jennifer Rhodes followed in third, with Michelle Jensen rounding out the payouts at 4th.

After an hour's rest, I lined up with 39 others for the 45 minute Men's 3/4 race. I took the start easy, not wanting to blow my legs up, and tried to just hit a smooth, maintainable pace. Over the course of the event, the steady effort brought me up to a 10th place finish.

Overall, I'd say my power is improving and I expect to peak as planned for Jingle Cross and Nationals.


Marc said...

Gary I want to thank you for the preview of the course.

The advantage of others not knowing the course is now nill.

There are a few mysteries to the course which nobody can predict.

Pat said...

Great job Sydney!! You're a champion!! Pat Keelan

Timmo said...

way to go Syd!! Just keep it going and you'll do AMAZING!!

Chris said...

Great job Syd!

Sean YD said...

I noticed that the course doesn't double back on itself as much as last year's national course - which was one of the big complaints I heard about the Wyandotte County course.