Monday, October 27, 2008

Spooky Cross Iowa 2008

This is Spooky Cross's 2nd year and instead of rain and mud, Iowa served up wind and mud. Nonetheless, it was well worth attending and you should put it on your calendar for next year. I only went Sunday, but did the Men's 3/4 and Women's open back to back.

Had two great starts and was sitting in the front 7 of the men's field for the first half, but biffing the topmost board up the 2nd steep climb allowed a gap to open and I wasn't able to close it down once we turned into the wind. Then... and this had to be hilarious if you were watching... I had regained some ground by the latter laps and was gaining on some dude's wheel when saggy shorts spelled the end to my bid. I was heading into the barrier run as fast as the wind would allow, which wasn't all that fast, but nonetheless, as I went to dismount, my shorts caught on my seat. Oh! oh! no!  There's nothing like being caught between your bike and  ground when your headed for a solid plank. Brake. Biff. Bury, roll, pick up the pieces, pout, remount, resume pedaling.   Ended up 9th. Sigh.

Fifteen minutes or so later, 9 of us women headed out for another 45 minutes. This time, I was slowing and dismounting well before the barriers. Both to protect my knee from impact and my pride from another shorts induced wound. Had another great start and secured a solid lead halfway into the first lap.

The best news of the weekend is that a millimeter adjustment in seat height seems to have improved the situation for my left knee.  Now, if this latest run of antibiotics can clear the ongoing sinus infection I'd be completely amp'd. Fryguy has some pix from the day.


Nancy Brown said...

Do your shorts need to come out here and meet the sewing machine for an adjustment? Good job!!!!

bluecolnago said...

ya done good! :)

oldmanandhisbike said...

Pics look good, but I don't see you rolling around in the barriers with your shorts wrapped around your saddle anywhere! :^)
Photog totally missed on that one!
Congrats on your finishes despite getting "pants-ed"!

Dad said...

Good job...reckon I'd consider a shorter stirrup or tighter shorts...*L*

Sorry, but wish I'd seen it...*LOL*