Saturday, October 11, 2008

John Peterson's pix

Check these pix out. John got some really good shots. I never cease to be amazed how a good photographer can make you look better than you thought you were that day. And, I didn't realize Jesse had managed to cut Mark's lead down so much. Dang.

I didn't write it up, but the Omaha races were all about creating muscle memory with regards to my switched brakes. When the XO2s were built up I decided to move the rear lever to the left to facilitate dismounts into barriers.

At that Wisconsin race, I'd only had the cross bike for about 3 days and I'd forgotten I'd asked for the switch and didn't encounter anything odd while riding. As it turned out, I rode those first two races on a front brake alone, for when I focused my attention on the rear, I realized I'd loosened it too much. It's amazing I didn't crash more than twice. 

Perhaps you think it ridiculous that someone could forget something like that, but really, sometimes when you're so tightly stretched for time, and nothing seems awry on the surface, you forget to do a point by point check. I won't again though, and after riding nothing but the cross bikes since, I've got the habit changed.


Anonymous said...

Hey gal...the chips don't fall too far from the tree, eh? *LOL* Once under time pressure to get to a roping,(winter time & trailer curtains on and closed) I thought Grover loaded the horses, he thought I'd loaded the horses...rather embarassing driving 100+ miles to the roping and needing to get mounted... :-)

One error that won't happen again!

oldmanandhisbike said...

Great photos. You look like your really working it!
Switching brake levers; that sounds dangerous. I can barely remember which side is which now! :^)