Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Holy moly

Holy moly
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U probably can't read this but it says, ';Your insurance saved you $461.29.'; yowza. What about folks who don't have insurance? I'll b thinking about that on the way to the polls.


oldmanandhisbike said...

"The folks that don't have insurance are just lazy. And we shouldn't have to carry their candy asses!"
How was that? Did I sound all indignant and conservative there? :^)
It is good that you have brought up this issue. And reminded us that "thinking" before voting is a wise idea!

Marc said...

The health and education of a nations( I'm going to break nationalism by saying "world" to replace nationalism) people are a few of it's most important resources.

Insurance companies put that on there to make you feel good. So how much to you pay for insurance? What is your deductible? Just think if we could put all the money that we pay into one insurance program how much less would insurance cost us? All those millions and billions and dollars that one insurance program could be invested in to keep our costs down.

bluecolnago said...

nice job at spooky today! good to see you!


Squirrel said...

wish I'd a known you were coming on Sunday I'd brought GW back out just for you:)