Monday, October 20, 2008

CX Weekend Wrap-Up

The Capital and Boulevard Cups weekend was a good time as usual, with the latter's bonus spread of fantastic food and free beer a special treat. I was happy with my bikes and performances for the most part. Out of the 4 starts, 3 were excellent.

Fresh legs and improved handling led to a win and 6th place finishes in back-to-back races. I did the women 1/2/3s followed by the men's 3/4. In the former, we started 30 seconds back from the men cat 4s, and I managed to close that gap and come in first over all. I missed my pedal at the start of the second race and immediate lost touch with the front end of the men's 3/4s. Even though I was able to eventually get into the top ten and finish 6th, there was a big gap between me and the first five. November 1, I'll give it another go.

Sunday's races were a little more variable. Saturday's efforts yielded some left leg stresses and I needed to take that into account. Although I had two great starts, I had shifting problems in the first race which led to a twice dropped chain. The first time, I was able to get it back on with some careful pedaling, but the second required a full stop, dismount and some fiddling. Consequently, I had to chase back up to the first two women, Michelle Jensen and Jennifer Rhodes, and completely lost the front end of the cat 4 men. In the subsequent 3/4 race, we had over 40 starters and in 3 laps I made it up into the top 10, but decided to pull out after a barrier run triggered some sharp pain in my left knee. Although I would have liked to have seen if I could have held on to my position, I didn't want to compromise this week's training efforts.

All in all, it was a great time and wonderful to see so many cat 4 women out on the course. A special kudos to my mom, who raced on Sunday. It's so exciting to see how much faster and stronger she's become in a year of consistent training and riding. I should have taken some pix, but I totally forgot. Sigh.


oldmanandhisbike said...

Congrats Syd on your win and 6th finishes. Sounds like a huge weekend of racing.
And very cool to see (pun intended) your Mom out there racing and doing well!
I am going to try to do my first CX in a couple weeks; one spot above DFL is my goal! :^)

sydney said...

I've been DFL a couple of times and it's not that bad. Somebody's got to do it and it's tons better than DNF most times.