Friday, September 19, 2008

Trek's Project One

It's about time a bicycle company put together a 'build your bike' online system similar to those of auto manufactures.

On the 16th, Trek launched its "Project One" consumer site where those desirous of a personalized Madone can build their bike online, then order it through a local retailer. I say "personalized" instead of "custom" because in my mind, a custom bike, is one built for your measurements. From what I understand of Project One, you can choose your color and build options, but the frame size is set and your local dealer will help you choose the correct size.

I played with the tool, just to see how ugly of a design I could create. Why? Well, honestly, there's some hideous looking quality bikes out there and I wonder if they help or hinder frame sales.

Do you buy a Vanilla because you can't get that quality of frame elsewhere, or do you get one because they're simply gorgeous. Would Sacha White build you a bike and then let you paint it with an american flag fading to purple flames with lime green stripes on the seat tube? Maybe, just because he could make that look good, but call me a skeptic.

Pez got the first bike. Check out its review.


bryan said...

when you have a minute or five, check out the gallery of Project One creations. At first you say, wow, some of those are ugly. Then you realize there are several dozen red Madones with black flames, or yellow Madones with red flames. They're all the same!

But then you just go back to saying, "wow, those are ugly."

Marc said...

I'd been "personalizing" my bikes since i was a kid.

My first shop bike was personalized. Different wheels, seat, stem, bars.

MMMMMMMMMM! I'm confused with this whole personalizing a bike. Nope! got it figured out. It's a marketing ploy.

The more I think about this the more it's B.S. You can only put on Trek/Bontrager parts.

sda said...

the frameset i picked up last summer is was a used oclv 110 sl that was personalized through "project one". i feel pretty lucky that the guy who bought it originally didn't go too over the top with the scheme. i get compliments on it, but it isn't something that i would've considered doing if i purchased it new.

Anonymous said...

From just a few frame builders I've talked to in the past few weeks, Vanilla may not be a good choice. I can give you the name of at least two who I think can build a much straighter, better handling bicycle than White..Sorry to be a buzz kill.

Marc said...

Give me some names dude. The suspense is killing me. Dang, I've been riding a little hooked to the left for sometime now. You know us pirates either hooked left or hooked right. No wonder I can't ride a straight line. All this time I thought it 'cause i was hooked. Now you tell me I have a vertically/horizontally challenge bicycle.

Out, my man!

Anonymous said...

Alright Marc, here's my two picks. The first:
The second:
Kelly Bedford has helped me out in the past and this man is the very essence of old world framebuilding in a nut shell. Trust me when I say you wouldn't be disappointed by either one of these builders frames. Thanks for keeping me up on the events in and around Lincoln, I miss it so....

Marc said...

O my freakin' God. That is art. I'm a practical guy. You're barking up the wrong tree of "personalization" when you link me these.

I checked out those sites. First their philosophy then the price. Dang, philosophers and artists are expensive. I've got some good philosophy that is free " life is nothing but a series of crashes, first your up then your down". " We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for gravity so deal with it"

Example, I belonged to this team that raced out of Pedalers Plus in Omaha. They had some real sweet bikes hanging up on the wall that some people had bought. Every time I'd go in to get a cable end or tube, yes I would loose lots of each, I would just think " what a waste hanging there on the wall.....". The shop let me ride one of those pieces of art after all my drooling. It was there idea. I didn't ask. So the chain drops on me. Man, did the shop manager flip out. I told him " hey man, you need to adjust that der". Art=stress.