Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Tour of Missouri Women's Criterium

Did a short write-up on the Team Rev site. Really like to thank everyone who hollered and made the time to come down. What a great event and how shocking it was to have the course lined with spectators on a Monday afternoon, let alone hearing the cheers when we came around for the cool down lap. A HUGE thank you to the women and men who made the event possible. I dearly hope they do it again next year. This was a fun race with a blistering pace. A big thanks to Roger Harrison for the pix.


bryan said...

I was wondering what you were doing during those closing laps. Now I know. I just figured it was a tactic of some sort that I wasn't aware of. I don't really know many, so pretty much anything is news to me.

It was great to see you and holler at you. Great job, too.

bluecolnago said...

you looked good out there. i was having a good time watching and yelling at you!

Sarah :) said...

Hey... you raced against Erica Allar from Aarons! (2nd from right). I went to Penn State with her! Very good rider. If you see her again, please tell her I say hello! I hope you have a great cross season!