Wednesday, September 24, 2008

This, that and the other

Very cool.... Amber Neben wins TT Worlds (If you don't recall, Neben is a University of Nebraska Alumnus. She ran cross-country until a stress fracture put her into a coaching position. Read Neben's Wikipedia entry.)

Exciting for me.... I'll be riding for Midwest Trek/SRAM this cyclocross season and my bikes arrived yesterday. Have one put together and the other will be ready next week. They're Trek XO2s equipped with SRAM Force. On last nights little test ride, I was pretty happy with the feel and look forward to opening the season in Wisconsin this weekend at Jonathon Page's Planet Bike Cross Cup where the competition is looking to be right fierce. I better get out and work on those dismounts and barriers a bit more.

A different set of two wheels.... I did venture onto another set of two wheels during a Rider's Edge course offered through the local Harley-Davidson dealership. Now, I just need to make time to jet down to the DMV and get the endorsement stamp on my license.


Matt N said...


Are you racing both days this weekend? I'll be spectating on Saturday and racing on sunday, so if you need anything drop me a line. I only live about a mile away from the course.

bluecolnago said...

good luck, syd!

len said...

did you get a motorcycle?


sydney said...

Not yet. I figure learning about what I want, trying 'em out and all that will occupy me for a while. :)

Besides, I don't have any room in the garage yet.

But, I am studying up.