Tuesday, September 23, 2008

That new bike smell

That new bike smell
Originally uploaded by sydney_b.


LoupGarou said...

That looks like total sweetness. Congrats on the new cross machine.

JuneBug said...

Mean bike. Scary mean.
The frame is slanted so aggressively. .. it kinda goes GRRRRRRRRR.

sydney said...

mean, hmm. got to get that fixed in my mind instead of "white, is it dirty already?


oldmanandhisbike said...

A good powerwasher should be able to get rid of that. :^)
So, I guess the Badger went bub-by? Is this a sponsored ride? Are you riding for Team Rev during cross season now?
A lot of questions.
Just wondering.
Cool bike regardless.
Have a great season!

One Eyed z said...

Not a big fan of Trek (thats a lie I flat out hate them) but that is a one HOT looking machine!
So if you are like alot of other women racers I know... does it have a gender and name yet?