Saturday, September 27, 2008

Planet Bike Cross Day 1 - Syd's season opener

Well, in short, there's plenty of horsepower, the bike's great and if the rider gets a better throttle on her aggression, it's gonna be a good season.

The race started on a dirt track. My start wasn't terrible, but it wasn't what I wanted and I had to really drop the hammer to move up to the front 5. Last year at Jingle Cross I got schooled with regards to letting anyone get a gap from the gun and I wasn't about to let it happen again.

Nonetheless, the leader created a gap and the women in front of me weren't shutting it down. Concerned, I jumped and went from 5th to 3rd, then moved to 2nd, where if I'd been thinking instead of just letting cross madness consume me, I would have settled for a bit, rested and just rode. But no, all revv'd up, I launched an attack and biffed it on an off-camber turn on the top of a steep incline. I hit the dirt, the bike rapidly sliding away, but I manage to give an extra long reach and snatch the rear wheel. Pulling it back to me, I mounted and began powering again to regain position.

Lots of energy expended but I'm just about back to where I want to be and go into a corner way too hot. Down again. This time, I'm mad and sulk for just a bit before remounting and getting back to business. This puts me way back and I have to remind myself someone with a solid character would make her best effort to finish the race. I also recall Catherine's saying something along the lines of if the race goes awry, use it to practice form. So I settled in, adjusted my attitude and began to recover ground and rode my way back to 7th by the conclusion.

Slow down and be fast. Don't know why I have to learn that the hard way at least once a year. I just get all aggressive and it interferes with my thinking. That being said, it is my first race of the season and maybe this is what it takes to bring it all back, because I'm sure amp'd up now. Game on for tomorrow, girls.


Marc said...

Yep, you're right on course :). Control the power. Work on those turns. It's hard to come from road(speed into turns and solid pavement) to cross ( controlled speed into possible sketchy loose turns).

You know my problem with mtn bikes after the road season. Flying, no skills, = broken bones

Dad said...


Slow down, be fast...slow down, be fast.....Ah, how many times does one learn this lesson over and over? About as many times as one stays in competition I think.

As Toots used to coach..."Keep the pedal to the metal, but keep it just shy of crash and burn."

Have a good day tomorrow...slow down and be fast!

fob said...

Velonews has a picture of your crash...I crashed at Manawa, but no Velonews photo!