Monday, September 15, 2008

Locals race to register

Here is a good summary of the complaints regarding the late night registration race. I have to agree. If USA Cycling can keep track of points for mountain biking and the road scene, it ought to do it for 'cross as well, and we ought to line up by our accrued points, just like we do in the Elites with UCI points.


Marc said...

If registration wasn't so late they're would been cowbells heard around this part of the country. Go go go go!

I got a panick call from first place register that his button (registration complete) was froze up on him. I'd already had his answer for him, though. You're number one, man! In both events.

I'm training on being number one fan.

The autumn wind is a pirate. Blustering in from the sea with a rolicking song he sweeps along swaggering voicelessly his face is weather beaten. He wears a hooded sash. With a sliver hat about his head and a bristling black moustache. He growls as he storms the country. A villian thick and bold and the trees all shiver and quack as he robs them of there gold. The autumn wind is a pirate. Piligeing just for fun. CX will knock you around turn you upside down and laugh at you when CX has won.

sydney said...

"Autumn Wind" -- That's an Oakland Raiders thing, right? Fits good with 'cross for sure.

Marc said...