Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Flashing back to Gateway Cup 2008 -- OH OUCH!

My teammate, Jamie, alerted me that I'd made the Fick's featured photo. I clicked the link and immediately recalled just how bad I was hurting in that pic. In fact, even after slowly pedaling two more laps, I was so dizzy and hot that I felt I might get really sick and pass out if I didn't get the body temp dropped, so I took a dunk in a fountain near our tent.
That was the final day of Gateway Cup on the University loop race. It was my last chance to get into a break and I rode aggressively in order to be in every break that a teamie wasn't. Moreover, I threw down counter-attacks at every opportunity. Finally it paid off. I jumped for a prime early (thanks Michelle J. for those lessons) and after coming across the line, looked back to see a big gap. Instead of pulling up and sucking air, I just kept going. Eventually I was joined by Colavita's Nichole, San Jose's Whitney and my sprinting teamie, Carrie.
When I saw Carrie was there, I figured my job was to make sure the break survived and that she arrived at the line ready to sprint, so I pulled and pulled hard. Whitney relieved me about once a lap. On the final lap, Nichole jumped hard and Carrie wasn't able to shut her down, so she and I ended up 2nd and 3rd. I gave everything I had left for I didn't want another 4th place finish like last year when I pulled the most and lost the sprint to my 3 breakaway companions. 
Looking back, perhaps Carrie and I should have started tag-teaming Nichole, since she was the strongest threat, but neither of us thought of that. Watch out next time though, that would have been so fun.


Nancy Brown said...

What a great pic. It really exemplifies the pain one pays for "glory". Super write up also!!!

oldmanandhisbike said...

Sorry, but I have been neglecting your blog!
Cool photo. Looks painful though. I never work hard enough to make that face! :^)
Hope all is going well!

Dad said...

Great pic, Syd...when you finish like that, you know that regardless of the final score, you left all you had on the field (road in this case). Does away with the if's that way...*S*