Thursday, August 28, 2008

Why the posting infrequency?

Work has really picked up. One of the colleges I support has tripled the number of online courses they're offering and since my job is to help design, develop and deliver these courses, my workload and taken a leap as well. So, tween that, time on the bike and settling into the new abode, there's little left over for dinking around on the Internet.

What's up next?

, baby, which has doubled its women's purse. PLUS, it's TEAM REV's home turf, so gonna take my A game. If you aren't going, you better have a good excuse 'cuz these crits are fun with big crowds and full fields.

In other news....
Got on the mtn bike Tuesday night with the TNMWR crew. Twas a blast. I forgot how fun zipping along smooth, flat, twisty single-track was. Don't know how Kevin got this pic, but he's a creative fellow with a new camera.

Looking forward to 'cross.... got a whiff of it the other morning. The air was a bit chill and I was riding the bike round the house on the grass, and in my mind a voice says, "Oh, it comes." I'm thinking of disconnecting the doorbell and replacing it with a cowbell.

I'm switching phone carriers... goodbye Alltel, you shoulda treated me better. I'm sure Sprint will turn out to be the same way, but they've got their phone's java-enabled, their billing is way more straightforward, the online chat support is great, and the web interface to one's account blows Allhell out of the water. Phone reviews on the way... 'cuz you now I'm always looking for the perfect mobile telecommunications device.


Neve_r_est said...

Oooo.... electric cowbell.


sydney said...

now you're talking.... hmm. Seasonal, mp3 based doorbell rings. I want this... or is it need?

sda said...

need. your home is not complete without such accoutrements.

Neve_r_est said...

That would be the ultimate advantage mounted to your race bike though....BBBRRRIIIINNGG, CCLLAANNNGG, CCCLLAANNGG, CCCLLAANNGG!!!

Ok, I'm gonna make one.


bryan said...

If I had a band, I'd be temped to name it Electric Cowbell Doorbell.

Kelly said...

Have fun with Sprint. They consistently rank worst for customer service among the major wireless carriers. Alltel ranks among the best.

Consumer Reports has this to say ...

"In our survey, Alltel, T-Mobile, and Verizon were the better choices in a bad lot for customer service. Only about 40 percent of their customers said these companies were very helpful, responding to queries and complaints about service issues — none too impressive. But only 21 percent of Sprint customers said the same thing. Sprint made news last summer when it terminated 1,000 subscribers for complaining too much about the service."

Kelly said...

By the way... Qualcomm's BREW API kicks Java ME's ass.