Tuesday, August 05, 2008

So much....

What a weekend.

My boys and I, along with the help of a couple of friends managed to get everything moved. Up and down the stairs in the heat. I haven't been so exhausted since I don't know when. Now my little house is filled to the brim with boxes, which is stressful in its own right, but at least I can work on it easier.

I share my birthday with my now seven-year-old niece and Saturday was her big party. Since there isn't a holiday in August, the family throws a big to do on her birthday. Kids and grown-ups everywhere, but it's lots of fun.

A friend of mine at the university lost his wife when she turned in front of a truck. We were alerted to this Sunday and it was a tragedy. My friend just finished his PhD last week, I think, and was still recovering from brain surgery when this happened. It was a devestating blow to him and to everyone who knew her. 

On a lighter note
Carrie and Chris made the Gateway Cup flyer/artwork/site front.... Check out this picture - Carrie's showing her sprint teeth.

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monkeygirl said...

congrats on the house. moving sucks.
congrats on the birthday. thought for the day, you crush it.
Condolences for you friend on the loss of his wife.
hey her sprint teeth look like my climb teeth.
and saw you on the trail saturday sorry if I cut you off a bit, fell back as fast as I could when I knew someone was coming.