Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Senior Olympics and The Tour of KC

Being upstaged was never so fun as this weekend. Mom rode my TT set up to a Senior Olympics qualification in all three cycling events available to her - the 5K and 10K time trials and the 20K road race.   In fact, being unaccustomed to a road race situation and having raised my seat a tad, the TT bike was so comfortable that she rode it for the road race and just stayed out of the pack where she went on to "pick off a couple of old guys" despite her positioning.

Mom, aka Nancy Brown, will represent Nebraska next year in San Francisco.  By then she'll be so much faster, I predict 3 more gold medals on the mantel.

In other news, Tour of KC was sort of a wash for me. I woke up Friday morning with that little tell-tale tickle in my throat and itchy eyes and contemplated not going, but too many plans were already in place. We arrived in KC and I raced with the men's 3s Friday evening. It went OK. I should have perhaps worked harder to hold my position in the final two laps, but I had entered to mainly just practice hanging in the pack and really didn't feel like risking life and limb when things heat up at the end.

Unfortunately, Saturday morning brought congestion so bad in my ears I could barely walk straight. I find I get a leftward list when my ears plug up. I took some meds and was feeling better, so signed up to race with the men's 3 again. I thought I could do OK because of the hill. Two laps into the race, however, I checked out. No air, no power, no point in tearing up my lungs. As it turned out, the meds were 4 hour and I really hadn't checked that. Perhaps if I'd taken another, I would have been ok. Who knows?

Sunday went better. Although tired and stuffy, I was hooked up on some good allergy relief meds and was able to race the women's event. I spent a lot of effort on attacks in hopes of getting away, but the field wasn't having it and I didn't feel quite up to the sustained power it takes to really hit hard and hold it for a while. Ended up fourth. Congratulations to Amanda Miller, who rode a smart race and won the event. Teammate Carrie Cash won the Saturday's race and was second to Amanda on Sunday.

You might say I'm pretty stupid for not managing allergies better, but they're pretty new to me and I just wasn't on top of it.  Been studying up though so watch out come Gateway Cup the weekend after next. They've doubled the women's payout and Team Rev will be riding hard for its share.  :)

In other news, I'm making progress sorting through my stuff and have cleared several boxes. Hope to have most of it tucked away by weekend's end. I was telling Marc about my stuff challenges and he popped me a link to the ever funny George Carlin "Stuff" skit.  Give it a view and have a grin yourself.


Marc said...

Look out Senior Olympics here comes Nancy Brown. Fast as a mighty jet plane and smooth as a brand new car.

George Carlin is funnier than flour rheology and wheat genetics combined. So everyone knows I'm up to no good in the lab when there's laughter. Bad youtube. Bad youtube.

Chris said...

Good job Syd's mom!

nicol said...

Yep, that's so great! :) Great picture too, Nancy.

oldmanandhisbike said...

Your Mom ROCKS! Very cool that she is out there and battling.
"Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light".
Sorry about the allergies; I am in that phase right now. Hit early this year. The throat has been a problem for me too. Congrats on your finish regardless.

the mostly reverend said...

i guess i haven't visited here for a while. WOW!! you HAVE been busy, girl. PLEASE take care of yourself, get enough rest, recover, and enjoy your new home.
i hope to talk to and see you soon!

on another note, seeking positive reinforcement for my recovery, i, too, did the senior games time trials a couple weeks ago. no road races in iowa, i did just the 5- and 10-km TTs, winning both, but just barely. last year, two sets of broken bones ago, i blasted them on a singlespeed road bike, but i needed the full TT gear to do it.

i have my work cut out for me.

i qualified for the road races by doing the clear lake race in july and the iowa games road race today, so i'll see your mom in san fran next year.

sydney said...

Super! Now I have two to cheer for. :D I can't wait to practice my spectatin'