Monday, August 25, 2008

Driving to a trailhead or using the recreational parking lots?

If you find yourself driving to go ride your bike, make sure you lock all your goodies in the trunk before you head out. According the "The Chief's Corner," there have been instances recently of thieves busting out windows and helping themselves at trailheads. Makes sense though. If someone parks there, it's probably going to be an hour before the return and if it's after work, their wallet and maybe laptop will all be inside.


Marc said...

It's either the cops that will get you or the criminals. My money isn't safe.

Maybe instead of having 4-5 police standing around giving tickets they can stand around parking lots?

avabee said...


I don't drive to ride my bike, but I do drive to a trailhead to run with my dog. Always been kind of worried about that sort of thing.

Neve_r_est said...

One more advantage to driving a crapbox car that's worth less than the bike your riding(And living in the middle of nowhere next to a state forest so I don't have to drive).