Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What's up next.....

I would have liked to have done the inaugural Chicago Crit, but having just driven home from Superweek the weekend before and needing to get moved, I opted out. Some of my teamies did it though and Carrie Cash ended up 5th, which was pretty darn cool given that Tibco showed up in force. Kristen Wentworth (Kenda Tire) did a nice write-up.

For me, Tour of KC, Gateway Cup and the Women's Criterium that's part of the Tour of Missouri on 9/8 will polish off the road season.  Still deciding on Downer's Grove because getting to Chicago is expensive in time and cash. Kind of doubtful right now, but we'll see how things play out.

'Cross is on the horizon. The latest Cyclocross Magazine has a fabulous feature on nothing but tires. What to choose? Tubulars, clinchers or tubeless sets and which tires to run on what set-up?  Whew. So much to consider.

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