Saturday, June 14, 2008

Still in GC 21st and Cat 2 second

Whew. Hanging on and finishing with the pack last night was all that was needed to hold position. Just checked the results.

Oh, and I want to thank all of you who sent goodwill around 9:44 am yesterday. Knowing a few of you had me in your thoughts helped me keep the power on.

Today will shake up the lists. The Mankato road race will be 86 miles of crosswind hell followed by laps round a circuit at the end, where a big hill will reduce the pack to rubble. At least that's what I've heard. In fact, one of the racers told me last year that when she finally finished Mankato she sat down on a curb and cried, it was so hard. And, this chick is not a whiny one.


Nancy Brown said...

You are doing a fantastic job!!! Keep up the good work. Sounds like you have a good go at your "nutrition"!!Rub your legs down, eat those bananas, water, water, I will be praying for you!!!! oxoxoox mom

Dad said...

Syd, you're doing well. Like your Mom said, "take care of self and equipment." For today make the mental resolve that whatever it takes to get it done is what you are going to do! That programs the subconscious into taking over when the conscious wants to check it in...*S* "...slow down and be quick."

Got you in my prayers for safety and endurance...get'r done.

Chris said...

I was in MN this week. I didn't know you would be racing or I would have tried to stop by.

When are you arriving in Austin? There is a crit on Th evening which should be a great warmup for the Saturday race.

sydney_b said...

@mom, I have taken your rub-down advice to heart and have done it at least twice a day. It really does help.

@dad, mental resolve will be the order of the day here at Stillwater. I think now that I have a better idea of what 'the rack' will feel like, I'll be able to muster more resolve. This week has been all about pushing through previous limiters.

@chris, no Austin for me or Team Revolution. Fuel prices have put the trip out of budget. :(

Chris said...

Syd - that is a bummer. I was looking forward to seeing you in action. I will be traveling to Grand Rapids for the NRC race in September. Maybe your team will decide to attend.