Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sponsors and your purchasing decisions

I've mentioned several times about how your consumer vote is your most powerful voice and wonder how you allocate your funds if the options are "cheap," "local," "organic," "green," or "cycling." For example, I often purchase Colavita olive oil and basalmic vinegar because of its support of women's cycling. I even tried Cheerwine soda now that its available in select local areas. How about you? Do corporate cycling sponsorships figure into your purchasing patterns beyond the ultra local of your own club sponsors?


sda said...

I think the only company that I intentionally support is Sierra Nevada - not for the beer but their mustard kicks ass. I'd like to think I bought a Toyota because they sponsor a team, but I bought because of the quality.

If there are two identical products on the shelf and one of them is from a company that is involved in cycling, I'll usually opt for that one. Unless the other choice is from a local producer.

That being said, I'd opt for a pair of Levi's (they used to sponsor a team with Raleigh) over Rock and Republic.

I guess my priorities, would start with local, then organic/green, then cycling sponsors. Depending on the circumstance.

oldmanandhisbike said...

I am not a NASCAR fan, but if there ever was a working marketing scheme associated with racing, it is them!
I do think that I have found myself purchasing things that are directly sponsoring racing, but only if the product is actually good! When my son was racing, our biggest sponsor was Jones Soda (not sure if you have heard of them?). Needless to say, we had that in the house all the time after he started with that team.
The availability of many of the products you see in Tour sponsorship is limited; not many folks have any idea who CSC is or would ever need their services. But we definitely know who Cervelo is and I would gladly purchase one of those if I had the money!

jdstamp said...

As a North Carolinian living abroad (KS) I must know, where can you get Cheerwine in Nebraska? Cheerwine has tratditionally always been a truly regional beverage (NC, SC, TN, southern VA) Usually I have to buy several cases when I go home once a year and ration it. Do tell.

sydney said...

jdstamp, You can get it from a vending machine in Nebraska Hall on the university campus and it's on tap at someplace downtown. So, it means someone is delivering it. If you're local, call the manager at the Pioneers Blvd HyVee or perhaps Ideal Grocers on 27th ST, I bet they'll order it in for you. :)