Monday, June 23, 2008

Of peacocks and fresh rash

One of the key reasons I often give for commuting via velo is that one gets to see the things you'd miss in a car. On the way past the zoo this morning, I got to see the pure white peacock in full fan. Is that what you'd call it? So pretty I had to stop and gaze.

Fresh Rash
I skinned my knee yesterday thanks to an inadequate front end lift onto the bike path. I didn't realize the wet grass was hiding such an edge. Also sporting fresh rash is MWC's Eric. He didn't give details beyond it happened on the way to work. And suffering a great deal more than rash is my friend Jen Greenberg (left) who spilled hard during a crit up north this weekend. She broke her jaw and now enjoys her vegan diet through a straw, but says she's good to go for Superweek mid-July. She's tough. The picture is by Roger Meadows. Check out his Tulsa Slideshow.


sda said...

On my ride to work this morning I saw a woman on a cruiser riding no hands. Garden variety sighting in Fort Collins, so why is this worthy of note? Well, she had a dog leash in her left hand with a giant chocolate lab at the other end pulling her every which way. Maintaining ones balance (remember, this is no hands)under such circumstances would be a challenge for the best of us. But that is only the half of it. Under her right arm she had a squirming/yipping pomeranian. She was so calm and collected (the operator of the bike, not the little dog)that to me it looked like they were out on a typical morning errand.

Skills. She's got 'em.

Chris said...

A broken jaw is a bad injury. She must be tough. Take care of that road rash.