Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Corner of doom

Corner of doom
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Nearly every lap riders were down men and women


Chris said...

If crashing is inevitable, I don't see the point in racing. Injuries are too hard to recover from.

JuneBug said...

Aaah yes.........this is what the therapists would probably call the 'manic expression'. The rush you get from racing against 145 elite competitors as fast as you can go on a wet pavement. No better 'drug' on the planet!

Wish I was there!!!

oldmanandhisbike said...

I have to agree with Chris. It is one thing to race in the rain on a mountain bike trail at slow speed and fall into sand or brush (or wooden bridges!), but another entirely to go down on asphalt at high velocity.
More power to those who can handle it and finish successfully.
As George Carlin once said, "let the daredevils get ON the plane, I'm getting IN the plane!"

sydney_b said...

It wasn't inevitable, but there were two bad corners. The one in the picture was turn 3 and had a manhole cover right where most folks would like to have their line. I think what was happening was that since it was the turn atop a hill, people were jumping on the torque just as their rear wheel was on the cover and they'd slide out. I went over it once and even with just even steady pressure my tire slid about two inches or so and it felt like being on grease. The other corner that saw wrecks was one with three smaller metal covers of some kind. On corner two, they dried and put some type of rubber covering on the manholes there. They were still dicey. I'm happy to say that other than that one instance, I was OK. Spending last weekend on Norfolk's 8 corner crit was a good cornering tune-up.

@Junebug, why aren't you here? You wanted to be here last year, so where are you???? :)