Friday, May 23, 2008

Racing in Iowa Memorial Weekend

Iowa crits await Team Revolution. I'm pretty amp'd about this weekend. Feeling good and am going to get to roll with a full squad.

The Melon City crit holds a special place because it'll mark 12 months since I met the Team Rev women.

A year ago this coming Sunday, I had finished my race and was wandering around looking for a place to sit at watch when Chris and Carrie invited me over, and if I remember correctly, Carrie was rolling back and forth on a rolling pin massaging her glutes and Chris and I went and got some beer.

A good time was had by all and we ended up riding together later in the year at Superweek and Gateway Cup. What's most notable, is that 12 months ago, when I lined up for the Snake, I was shaking from nerves so badly I missed my pedal. Today, I think about racing, there's no anxiety, just makes me smile and triggers a pleasant flutter of anticipation in my belly.

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