Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Lincoln's new bus routes and schedules go live 6/5

I'm pleased to announce Lincoln has updated it's bus routes and after checking them out in some detail, I think they're a vast improvement. Not only do they reach further out, but they run every 30 minutes, which will make it much easier to catch a bus and get where you need to be on time. Hopefully, now that gas is getting so high, more folks will take advantage of our public transportation if they don't opt for a bike. What would be really cool would be a few buses with bike racks so folks who don't want to get sweaty on the way to work, could ride home.


oldmanandhisbike said...

Could you have the folks there talk to the folks here about our system? We need the same improvements; further reach and more access.
If I could catch the bus in a reasonable time by bike (say 5 miles from my house), I would not drive unless I had a construction meeting on-site. It would save me an enormous amount of money, give me more incentive to ride (about 16 miles one way right now) and offer my small contribution to cleaner air.
A win-win I would think.
P.S. Our buses all have racks, so just get them closer to my house!

Aaron Pool said...

sweet buses are coming back, maybe city trains will again too?

sda said...

This does look like an improvement and the timing is good, but it seems to be lacking efficient North/South connections on the far east side of town.

I think we may be hitting some sort of threshold with gas prices getting so high. Our local transit operators in Northern CO have seen an avg. 10-15 percent increase in ridership over this time last year. And there haven't been any major service changes that would spur that.

We've also added 10 vans (60 passengers) to our van-pool program just over the last quarter, and we have a waiting list for people that want to get in on the program.

Driving back from Utah last night, gas was $4.10/gallon for the medium grade stuff.