Monday, May 12, 2008

Joe Martin - NRC

Well, in short.... it was a highly educational weekend. Team Revolution came out pretty good with 2nd in the Team General Classification (GC) and with places 7, 13, 15 and 18 in the individual GC. We probably could have done much better had I been a smarter manager of my energy resources and not essentially squandered the solid 7th place spot secured in the stage one TT. Not going to go into any detail here. Been over it plenty with the people who matter most. Anyway... even though the competition wasn't what it was last year with a huge chunk of the super tuffs at the Mt. Hood Cycling Classic in Oregon, Joe Martin still had many of the top cyclists in the nation and having 4 of our 5 riders in the top 20 was a solid start for our new team.


the mostly reverend said...

and THANKS for the live call to the radio show. where WERE you guys? were you actually able to listen in the car, or were you listening on-line somewhere? it's great having you associated with the show; i love having a top-tier racer giving the inside poop. the explanation of the neutralization was quite informative.

oh, and nice job racing, too. we'll see you at snake alley, won't we?

bryan said...

congrats, Syd -- here you are on

bluecolnago said...

cycling news.... wow! you ARE a certified celebrity now! no denying it anymore. :)


Dad said...

Sydney, I think you gals had a good week-end. The fact that it could have been better if.... The is the story of competition, in the heat of the race decisions are made, some brilliant, some not so brilliant, others, well we won't do that again.

After the race analysis is how you sort those out, but never put all the marbles on the first nor beat yourself up for the last. Of the good subconsiciouly record it, practice it as much as it can be duplicated, of the bad simply acknowledge it for what it was and remind your subconscious that you seldom do such. Then...move to the next race and prep, prep, prep.

It's just like running barrels...don't look at the barrel but look to the entry lane, once into the entry look at the next entry lane and drive for it, don't look at the barrel where you are. Whatever can be done has already been it good or bad ;-)

Rest up and enjoy this week-end and then whip and spur in Iowa.

sydney_b said...

@rev... oh yeah, we're all coming to Iowa and we're pretty amp'd about it. Gonna be a blast. Could you see to it that there's no rain?

@bryan and blue, Yeah, the photogs were kind to us at JM. There's pix popping up all over the place. Thanks for the links. I really appreciate it. I have little time to surf that up and its a huge help. We're trying to get our "Media Mentions" page together for the team site.

@dad, thank you. That was just the reminder I needed. It's so hard to keep focused on the next lane when you're aching for a do-over. But you're right. Take notes. Move on and whup up for the next round.

JuneBug said...

''Joe Martin still had many of the top cyclists in the nation and having 4 of our 5 riders in the top 20 was a solid start for our new team.''

HELLO!!?? YOU guys are included in this list of 'top riders in the country'.

Hey ...tell yer dad that THAT is how you drive on the highways in Chicago. :)