Thursday, April 17, 2008

You just gotta read this...

So I was reading "How to avoid the bummer life" and check the link to this Sports Illustrated article. And I gotta tell you, it's worth the few minutes it'll take to read it. It's got it all - a relentless villian, tragedy, heroics and hope. Kind of made my eyes well up and that doesn't happen all that often. - Olympics - Austin Murphy: Life Cycles - Tuesday April 1, 2008 2:11PM: "The son of two of America's most decorated riders, 17-year-old Taylor Phinney has emerged as the next great U.S. prospect -- and a source of inspiration to his father, who is battling Parkinson's"


sda said...

great find syd, thanks for sharing. when i first started riding in the mid-80's phinney was a hero of mine. i actually got to see him race a few times, most memorably at the mt. evans hill climb weekend out here in colorado - '93 i think. tom price and i made the journey out from lincoln to see what it felt like to race at 14,000 feet. umm, yeah. anyway that particular year it was a two day affair - hill climb on sat. and a crit. in frisco on sunday - overall decided by points scored in the two events. i was a cat. 3 still so got to watch the pro/1/2's race from the sidelines the day of the crit. phinney (racing for coors light by then) got away early with a young local cat. 2 and they proceeded to work together very well and lap the field. with one lap to go, dp literally tapped the kid on the back, gave him a very genuine "thanks for the hard work", then proceeded to ride away from him and win the race. i don't think that kid cared one bit.

i thought it was a remarkable display of sportsmanship. and he (dp)had forgotten to take off his seat bag before the race, which always make me chuckle when i think about how some weight conscious "serious cyclists" obsess about every gram.

saw him and his wife at a 'cross race in boulder a couple years ago watching taylor. its hard to see him losing ground in this real race, but he's still a hero.

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oldmanandhisbike said...

Phinney and Hampsten were alwasys my favorite US riders. One can only wish the best for him and his son.
Though I have read the story before, it is good to hear it again. Reassurance that we can fight when it appears things are lost.
Thanks for posting that.