Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Mostly Reverend Grampa Kim's Cycling Show kicks off Sunday

Let it be known far and wide that Iowa's finest cycling-oriented coffee brewing know-a-bunch-about-alotta-things racing reverend has cooked up a radio show for cyclists. It'll be loosed upon a mostly as yet unsuspecting world Sunday evenings 6pm CST. Yours truly has landed a fortunate, or now that I have some idea of the quality guest list, completely intimidating spot as a reoccuring visitor. Nope. No more details for now. Visit Kim's KXNO page to read more and to subscribe. It'll be available as a podcast if you miss the live portion.


sda said...

Kim won't remember me, but we used to wax philosophic about the trials nad tribulations of traveling in old clappped out VW's of all shapes and sizes. I am sooo stoked to see he is still hitting the Iowa classics ... what an institution.

I've been reading the sermonette on occasion, and I have to say its good stuff. If the radio program is half as good it will be a welcome addition to my aural habits. Thanks for sharing.

bluecolnago said...

you are definitely a celebrity now, syd! :)

the mostly reverend said...

sda--i might remember you, but your little photo doesn't help me much. are you still racing? call the show sometime!!

thanks for the kind words, too!

the mostly reverend said...

hey, fans of sid, read this:


scroll down a bit,
and you'll see what i mean.

the mostly reverend said...

an eagle-eyed reader of my blog kindly pointed out that, as i did on this comment page, i had misspelled miss brown's first name in her introduction on my radio show's website.

although it was promptly corrected, i must apologize to sydney and anyone else whom--by virtue of my carelessness--i have offended.

it's not my style to offend anyone by unintentional misspellings.

i have a much more devious and effective method of offending folks.