Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ga. Program Pays Low-Income Students to Study : NPR

Ga. Program Pays Low-Income Students to Study : NPR: "Morning Edition, April 22, 2008 · Some kids in Fulton County, Ga., are earning a paycheck just for doing their homework. A pilot project sponsored by a local foundation is offering a group of low-income students $8 an hour to go to after-school study sessions twice a week."

Some folks don't like this idea, but in all honesty, I'd put money towards it provided students were paid for performance. Show up on time. Turn your work in, etc. I know I've emphasized to my boys many times that school was their job and they needed to treat it with that level of importance. Heck, I'd support money to pay for academic performance before many of the high-tech enhancements - like laptops for every kid (which, btw, is just dumb and I say this as a bit of a technophile).


bluecolnago said...

the georgia lottery pays the tuition of "in state" students who go to state schools and maintain a "b" average. who says they're all backward?

sydney_b said...

That's a great idea and excellent use of lottery funds. When did GA start doing that?

bluecolnago said...

the ga. lottery was created in 1992 and started operating in 1993 with the sole purpose of pumping money into education programs, specifically pre-kindergarten and post secondary education for those students aspiring to teach in the ga. public schools. google "georgia lottery tuition". the program seems to be working