Thursday, April 10, 2008

Are you four popped cool?

I remember jr. high. The coolest only made two collars then. What is that? 100% inflation or somesuch?


Marc said...

What's wrong with that? Ok, I've never been 4 collar cool but still am 2 collar cool.

Ever since high school, when I didn't realize there was fashion, I've been so miserablely cool. Before wearing a hat backwards was cool I was so coool with my hat backwards, rebel statement. " Why you wear you're hat backwards, #^!*&,?" " 'Cause I like it".

Hell, I shouldn't of thrown out my corduroy bell bottoms about 10 yrs ago. That was the second biggest mistake of my life. I even got my gym shorts from high school. They sure aren't baggy but they sure are cool.

Remember, life keeps repeating itself (recycles). Fashion gone today will be back. Look at me. My clothing styles don't change. While everyone else struggles to look cool, I know in the back of my mind I'll always be cool.

scientist, coach(, and all around cool guy!

sorel top said...

I think the guy in the pic must be over-compensating for something.

bryan said...

I think he's over-compensating for looking like a moron.

sydney_b said...

hee hee hee. No, actually, I think it might be a Gap thing, or maybe The Gap caught it from this dude. Who knows?

podunk said...

An amusing confluence of peacocking theory and the gillette arms race. The latter works because there's no shortage of men na├»ve enough to buy, and the former because there's no shortage of hens who interpret it as an indicator of value. People are simple, exploitable machines — falling for even the most comically absurd ploys. Only the implementation details cycle through the decades.

The principles remain constant.