Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Altoona, IA and Red River Road Races

Headed to Iowa this last weekend for a couple of road races and managed to render myself first loser both days. How did this come to be??? Well, on Saturday... tactical error. I'm still working on finding the right kind of finish for me and instead of saying to myself, "what are you good at and how might that work for a finish?" I decided to sprint in and not only started too late but gave Catherine Walberg the leeward side. Sigh. Sunday, I was smarter. I planned the finish carefully with my strengths in mind. It went perfectly....exactly 1 lap too early. Got motorpaced back up to the field, but legs were blown for a repeat performance and lost the win by inches.

So, in short, I'm really glad I went. Needed the education and I'm looking forward to returning to Iowa for the Iowa City Road Race and defending last year's win at the Old Capital Crit. Both courses are good ones and Catherine and the PRC girls better bring their "A" game, because I'm looking for round two. ;)


bluecolnago said...

good job, syd! :)

that new bike looks good on you!

Chris said...

Figuring out what exactly to do in the last 5 laps of racing is the hardest part of racing. I am not a great sprinter, so I think I have to go earlier. But how early is the question. I haven't figured it out yet.

sydney_b said...

Well, thank you, Blue. I'm getting pretty fond of that bike. At first I was nearly scared to touch it. You know, fraid to biff it up or crack something, but I settled down and realized it's plenty tough for the likes of me and I oughta ride it like I own it. Or wait.. I think that's supposed to be ride it like I stole it??? ;)

Chris, no joke there. I guess we have all season to work on it, huh? But I'll tell you one thing, I'm not giving *anyone* the leeward side again to help 'em on through. Sheesh. What a dofus.