Thursday, March 06, 2008

Pushed too far, cyclist presses charges - Salt Lake Tribune

Pushed too far, cyclist presses charges - Salt Lake Tribune:
Jason Bultman was pedaling his bicycle up 500 East in Salt Lake City in November when a red pickup zoomed up beside him and a hand swiped across his back.
Startled, the all-seasons bicycle commuter feared he was so close to the truck that it would send him sprawling. Instead the truck veered away, the passenger withdrew inside and Bultman took down the license number for what would become the first reported prosecution of Utah's 2005 law requiring motorists, in most situations, to give cyclists a 3-foot buffer."


oldmanandhisbike said...

I think we need a "take back the road" protest march with celebrity riders and candles. Maybe if it shows up on ET this issue will get the attention it deserves.
Yeah, right.
Anyway, it is nice to see someone fighting back.

bluecolnago said...

syd's a celebrity around these parts....

sydney_b said...

@oldman, what does Michigan law say about bike clearance? My sis, a lawyer, said Nebraska law doesn't have any guidelines, let alone laws, governing the passing of cyclists on the road.

@blue, you've got me laughing now. I think a better description of late is "scared lone cyclist"

Been doing quite a bit of time on Hwy 77 and dang, I've been really surprised to see so many drivers, old enough to know better, peering at their mobile phones while trying to drive. And by peering, I mean holding them up close to their faces so they can read the small text. There's a nice big shoulder on 77, but it's not feeling big enough lately.

bluecolnago said...

don't sell yourself short, girl.... :)

oldmanandhisbike said...

Michigan has the 3 foot law as well I believe. And 2 abreast is allowable as well. That really pisses off the drivers.