Thursday, March 06, 2008

One bike to rule them all

One bike to rule them all
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Knees saved by training log and same great ride every time.
Yep, the importance of training log was made ever so clear recently. Last week and a half I was suffering severe knee pain and began to be more than a little scared about surgery and not being able to train or race and all that... then, I looked studied back to see when I'd had such pain in that place before. VOILA! DOH! When I was riding my cross bike and alternating with commuter, a custom fit and built Waterford. The pain went away when I stuck with the single 'cross bike. SO.. I thought over what has happened the last few weeks... switching from the Lemond to the Trek and alternating between two different spin bikes. Way too much switchin' it up. I've gone to one bike all the time and the pain is gone. I don't know how the management will feel about me leading spin classes on my Trek, but I figure if they want to find someone else to get up at 4:30 am to set up and lead 5:45am class they are welcome to do that. :D


Marc said...

Everything evolves back to it's original conception. I've been preaching this for 12 yrs now about using bikes and trainers instead of those dam spinning torture bikes. Since not to many people listen to me I like to wink at myself in the mirror a lot ;)
I can't wait for my late '70's basketball shorts to come back in style. I've got a pair and I'm holding on!!! Maybe I should start the trend now and wear 'em out in public. I just don't like being stared at all the time

oldmanandhisbike said...

That is a great picture. Looks like a bike version of "300"!
You are right about switching around from bike to bike and the possibility of pain. I have taken a lot of time to set each of my bikes up (MTB and road) so as to avoid those knee issues. Some times it is just the pedals that cause it.
Your bike looks cool by the way; post some close up shots so we can drool!