Thursday, March 20, 2008

igo stowaway and nokia n800

igo stowaway and nokia n800
Originally uploaded by sydney_b.
Now this is portable sized. Shown next to dell latitude for size comparison


Adrian_O said...


sorel top said...

If you're going to have the same width, why not get the screen that doesn't make you squint?

(I'd call you a geek, but I'm a law-geek, so I kind of understand.)

bluecolnago said...



Neve_r_est said...

Can you get a handlebar mount for that?


sydney_b said...

@neve_r_est, No, no handle bar mount. Don't want to end up like this.

@soreltop, image distortion. The igo keyboard is much smaller, and folds up into a 4x6 size, which makes the nokia and igo so small and light. Oh, and you don't have to squint at the screen. The nokia has a beautiful high res display. I'll show it to you.