Tuesday, March 11, 2008

For Sale: 2003 Crown Victoria Police Interceptor

It's spring (almost) and time for a change. If you would like to slow traffic with your presence and render folks in the hood and the burbs a little nervous, you can do so quite effectively with this 2003 Crown Victoria Police Interceptor. In addition to...
  • windows tinted as dark as Nebraska law allows
  • a 2 inch hitch with 1 1/2" adapter
  • optional 4-bike Thule hitch rack
  • cruise control
  • Sony am/fm/cd auxiliary front input w/ cable (you know, for your iPod)
  • 1-year-old Parelli tires
The Triple BS (Big Bad Black Sedan) has all the standard Crown Vic PI features.
If you're interested in making an offer, please give me a call at 402 417 5600.

(oh, and the video below isn't mine. I've only run mine up to 120 once, then I thought about how expensive the ticket might be, but I'm confident it does 140 because at 120 it was just humming.)


bluecolnago said...

i can't believe you're selling the black beast....

what'll you be driving to the races next year?

sda said...

we have a white one just like that at my office. i drive it down I-25 to denver on the occasion - but only if i'm running late ;).

sydney_b said...

A lot of people don't care much for change, especially if everything seems fine the way it is. Me, on the other hand, I'm always messing with something and right now, I've made the car switch my latest project. :)

oldmanandhisbike said...

Okay, I'll bite.
"Jake: Car's got a lot of pickup.
Elwood: It's got a cop motor, a 440-cubic-inch plant. It's got cop tires, cop suspension, cop shocks. It's a model made before catalytic converters so it'll run good on regular gas. So what do you say, is it the new Bluesmobile or what?
Jake: Fix the cigarette lighter."

Anonymous said...

On Monday, 3/10, my 19 yr. old son and I bid at auction and purchased a 2003 white CVPI for $3,900 + costs. It was beautiful to see his joy and excitement to finally get a car, that car. He was concerned that if he parked outside of any of his many friends homes that it would scare others from entering, at least those who were unaware that it was no longer a cop car.
We had planned to modify it with his great sound system that can rock the block and some exterior to uncop it, at least from a side view.
By 730pm on Monday the car was a twisted piece of junk. He lost control, was probably going to fast for the road, had had a beer and a half about 630pm, and was as you might already know, he was not qualified for a beast like that.
The VC fish tailed and struck the right front corner of a detached 18wheeler trailer. The impact was right behind the driver on the rear door but the force of the collision crushed the roof inward.
My son and another were safely snuggled into their front seats all buckled up and the boy and girl in the rear were unbuckled.
We hadn't yet changed the locking mechanism to let exit be done from the inside and I had played with him saying that he would have the babes captured until it could be modified.
Split seconds after the impact the 16 yr. old girl was ejected and was pronounced dead at the scene or in the hospital from head trauma. The 19 yr. old boy also ejected, suffered a scalp injury which could have been worse in that his hoddie may have helped, and some contusions and abrasions on his arm. He spent the night in the hospital after they stapled his head closed and observed him He's as good as can be expected after all of that and even spoke with my son and also visited the accident location along with hundreds of others.
The reason I'm commenting here is that you all seen to be enjoying your CVPI's, and which you should, and I only wish my son could have joined your satisfaction.
Right now his life is in the hands of the DA's office. Whether he will be charged with DUI is pending. His BAL at the scene was .007 and in PA .02 is the max. legal limit that an under 21 can have. An adult level is permitted to be no higher than .079 So that is good.
They took him to draw blood and who knows what will turn up? Maybe the alcohol was metabolizing and dropped or maybe the .007 was low and all the alc. hadn't gotten to his blood yet. On a brighter side he was again tested about 4 hrs. after the accident and his Breathalyzer level was 0.00.
Now we wait for the rest of his life and the consequences he faces.
He desired to become a pharmacist and that is on hold right now because of this. Whether he will ever go the route, or if he does will the criminal folder screw up employment opportunities is all in question.
Damn it why did this have to happen? It could happen to any of you too but at least you all have experience behind the CV wheel and are developing a secure level of confidence. Just don't get over confident because the CV beast can kill. That's probably why they aren't offered on showroom floors in an non-governed condition.
Please be careful and pray for my son. He is a good kid and he didn't wish this upon himself and in retrospect didn't deserve this happening to him. God bless you all.

A loving DAD

Anonymous said...

I swear to God...My user ID is usually "itstherecit", but this site would only let me post with the anonymous heading.
Again truthfully.
A loving Dad

sydney_b said...

I'm so sorry about your son and his friends and for you. Speed and power shouldn't be taken lightly. As a cyclist I am constantly frustrated at how lightly it seems many drivers take the responsibility of driving a 3000+ lbs of death machine. And while I may sound light-hearted and perhaps may even off put some folks off with the speedometer dealy from youtube, the fact of the matter is that many folks go for this car because of that power. That's something I really like about it. When I want to pass on the freeway, I don't want to feel like I need to whip the hamsters up, or feel a bunch of rattling around. I also like lotsa room, which brings me to the point my son and I came to this morning.

We've pretty much decided to keep the car despite the less than stellar gas mileage. It's comfortable, especially for long distances, roomy enough to function as a changing room during 'cross, smooth and powerful.

When were looking at gas miser type vehicles today in the price range we wanted to stay in.... well, ick. Lack of presence and all the things we like about the Vic.

SO, we've got our spreadsheet and driving log. We know what each mile and day costs us and we pay it into an account, then pay the costs from there. Seems to be working really well. My son works as a runner for a law firm and gets some gas reimbursement that way.

As far as racing, I guess I'll just have to get more racers to go with me and that will mitigate the cost.

Jack said...

I'm 17 and currently own a 1999 Police Intercepter and i want to stress the fact that this car is very safe size wise, but it is also very dangerous at excessive speeds. i have had many offers to race and have denied all of them. I'm sorry about your 19yr old son. That is a very unfortunate event.

But having a car like this should also make you want to slow down. If you do get caught speeding the Police officer will probably throw the book at you.

I'd figure I would let you know that your post (itstherecit) was another reason why i should always be safe.

I will admit it is fun when people let you go at every intersection.

Marqui said...

What are you selling it for ? and where you located ? Would you consider a trade ? e mail me if you still are sellin it at marqui_sewell@yahoo.com

maheswari said...

I think you made a great choice in bike and shop.

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