Saturday, March 15, 2008

Alltel web access using Bluetooth, Samsung Wafer, Nokia N800

[nerd alert]

My son Erik said I was a phone nut. I would like to expand that to any small device connecting to the net. In this particular case, I'm writing up what you need to know to use your Samsung Wafer*'s data capabilities to get your Linux based Nokia N800 (wikipedia link) online when free wireless isn't found.

The reason I have to write this up is because I didn't find the answer online anywhere, and if I had listened to tech support, I would still be without connectivity. He said my phone didn't support it. That was just the way it was. This didn't make sense because it was trying to work and just choking on authentication. So, I thanked him for his unhelpfulness in a nice way and told him I'd mess with it a bit more.

Here's what worked for me:

Pair the devices using the N800 (nokia link). If you do it this way, the phone's profile information shows up with you look at its properties on the Nokia. I didn't test if this interfered with connectivity, but I don't like blank spots.

Then, you have to edit the connection:

Settings > Control Panel > Connectivity > Connections

Select your phone. [Edit] [Next]
Alltel's dial up number should be there automatically
pass: alltel

Without this information, your attempts to connect will fail.

If this is entered properly, you may then click on the connection icon at the top of your screen and change to Alltel and get online via your phone and bluetooth -- provided you have a data plan.

I recommend the $6 web access + $10 unlimited data. Alltel will try and sell you the Axcess Pack for $20, which you might want if you send pictures to lots of people. You'll have to check that out.

So anyway, I'm going to bed a little more mobile with a smaller device than before and that always makes me pleased. Next problem to solve, bluetooth access to phone's supplementary storage card. Now that would bump 'pleased' to 'grinnin.'

* Samsung Wafer 510: Reviews online for this phone seem pretty negative, but I really like it so far. While it lacks the customizeable menus of something like the Motorola E815, what's there is well thought out and feature access is fast. The camera works well and the display is really nice. The best part is that it's so super slim. You can have some pretty snug jeans on and still slip your phone in a pocket. Be careful though, the dude at the refurb/repair shop said people bust them all the time because they put them in their front pockets and then lean on a counter or desk.


Neve_r_est said...

Yea but will it survive a 10yd fling unto a gravel road at 20mph?
Don't ask how I, but mine will.


sydney_b said...

Probably not. At least I don't want to put it to the test.

bluecolnago said...

my cell is a samsung. no internet or web of any sort. i don't even text. i use it about 10 minutes a month, mostly talking to jackal about bike parts and such. all 3 of my kds and my wife tell me it's time to "move into the 21st century".... hmmmmm.... not bad for a guy who was planning to be the last man in america to get a cell. (they gave it to me for my birthday a couple of years ago) oh well. if i puncture in the rain 20 miles from home i can call for a ride.... :) my youngest borrowed my first phone and dropped it out of his pocket while riding his motorcycle at about 70 mph. it didn't look too purty but it still worked. tough little buggars.

Bri said...

I (just last week) finally caved into the fun world of the CrackBerry. I should note that prior to this time, I had never sent a text message and had only ever taken one picture from my phone. I feel very hip now. Very poor, but very hip.

Hooray for "working" while traveling to races.

sydney_b said...

@blue, yeah. they're way tougher than you'd think something that hightech and delicate looking ought to be. In fact, I made when my powertap computer slipped off my lap and cracked, I argued with .. it's on my bike, it ought to be at least as tough as my mobile phone. I mean, sheesh. :)

@Bri, let me know how you like that. I did the smartphone for a while, and ended up not liking it much. I want a phone to do phone things. That being said, I do read my mail, blogs, access my contacts and calendar as well as get gas prices and whatnot with my phone. Praise be to google.

thma said...

Menu»Settings»Phone Settings»PC Connection»Bluetooth : this is required to make aconnection. Took me a bit to figure out this is what was blocking my connectivity. I had it set to usb for mass storage connection to the SD card.