Thursday, March 27, 2008

10 Worst Foods of the Year

OK, not many of you would probably eat these anyway, but it's worth noting how fast food and even some slower food packs in the calories, sodium and serving sizes, then makes them sound "healthier" in their product literature by claiming the item is two or sometimes even 3 servings. I mean, seriously, next time you feel a desire to indulge in that bag of chips, check the label and see what you're really getting -- serving size wise. Also, I like the Noodles restaurant for lunch sometimes, but .... if you check their literature, they're also guilty of putting two servings on each plate ordered by a single person.

10 Worst Foods of the Year: "10 Worst Foods of the Year"


LoupGarou said...

Take whatever you want but please leave me with my baconator. hehe Compared to the others, the calorie count isn't that bad.

They should put the food found at the cheesecake factory on this list.

oldmanandhisbike said...

There is not a thing on that list that appeals to me.
Can't stand to step foot in any fast food establishment either.
Mikey D's = Death!

nicol said...

Yeah, that all looks disgusting, except for the coffee thing.

Jason said...

I must say I'm proud that not ONE of those foods was on my radar to try.