Monday, March 31, 2008 - the world centre of cycling - the world centre of cycling: "In an effort to boost tourism to the world's seventh continent, the Antarctic Heritage Trust and several Antarctic tour companies have come together to announce a new cyclo-cross World Cup event for the 2008-09 season, named the 'Antarcticross Cup.'"


Hillsboro-Roubaix... Hmm. Started fine, was looking to be a fun race, but then turned into a big ouch. Ended up 6th and my teamie, Bri Kovak, won it.

There were two 22 mile laps. The first lap went well and I was feeling good, staying towards the front, did an attack or two and covered a few. No problemo. Then a break went while I was recovering and I didn't get on it and only one teamie, Bri, was in it with a total of 6 other women. My instincts told me that was too many, but my brain and body didn't follow and I held with the pack, unsure of whether to bridge and risk pulling someone along, or stay put. By the end of the first lap, team captain came to the front and pointed out there were not enough of us in that break. I asked if I should bridge, she said it was too late and I thought she was right, but thought also I'd give it my best shot anyway. Worst case scenario.. I get a good time trial workout. So, I attacked up a hill and no one came along for the ride, then spent the next 45 minutes chasing, finally catching the break with 4 or 5 miles to go to the finish. Of course, my legs were fried, but I was pleased to have made it and that they'd taken it easy enough to let it happen. Unfortunately, my little book of matches was merely smoldering and on the final climb I let a gap open between me and the front four and on the final stretch a gal came by me and there wasn't anything I could do to stop it. I'd given everything I had and it was about 400 yards too little. Oh well. Lessons about breaks and bridging were learned and those mistakes won't happen twice.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

High tech

High tech
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Were traveling in a fancy car

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Recbecca Romero

PezCycling News - What's Cool In Pro Cycling: "Pursuit ace Rebecca Romero has the chance to make history in the Beijing Olympics. After a spectacular sporting metamorphosis, she could become only the second medal in consecutive summer Games – in different sports."

10 Worst Foods of the Year

OK, not many of you would probably eat these anyway, but it's worth noting how fast food and even some slower food packs in the calories, sodium and serving sizes, then makes them sound "healthier" in their product literature by claiming the item is two or sometimes even 3 servings. I mean, seriously, next time you feel a desire to indulge in that bag of chips, check the label and see what you're really getting -- serving size wise. Also, I like the Noodles restaurant for lunch sometimes, but .... if you check their literature, they're also guilty of putting two servings on each plate ordered by a single person.

10 Worst Foods of the Year: "10 Worst Foods of the Year"

Monday, March 24, 2008

Strawberries, cream and lead

Easter Sunday was a fine one at my folks. We had a delicious dinner followed by the annual ditch litter clean-up. Got about a pickup load full. Interestingly enough, with the exception of the old carpet, the debris represented vice.

From the number of Busch lite cans on the east side of the road, one may easily picture a man, driving home from work, drinking a beer or few, and casting the last to the ditch before he rounds the curve. Do the cheetos and chips bags caught in the dirt and brush belong to thoughtless teens or cheating dieters hastily discarding the evidence of their latest salty fatty binge? Who knows? But, it does make you wonder.

After the clean-up, we went inside for angel food cake with strawberries and cream. Twas delicious. Then the boys, my dad and I took to target shooting with a couple of .22s. It was kind of difficult to get a solid aim on the target with the cross-wind, but my shot pattern was tight enough that the boys allowed I might be of some use on a zombie defense squad.

Then dad broke out the Savage .308. I blew two cans to ribbons, tearing a hole through a hay bale, and ripping a small trench into the dirt. Of course, the .22 instantly lost its luster. After planting the stock of the Savage into my shoulder and pulling a bead with that finely balanced heft before hitting my target dead-on, there was simply no return to the too small, too light twitch in the breeze .22, so Dad and I returned to the house. I had tea and Dad gave me an online tour of fine guns and revolvers. Later, I got a gun cleaning lesson.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Home grown, corn-fed Bugeater 2nd to Levi ...

Howza about that folks? Our very own former Kaos, now Norcal Bike Sport aka 'Red Peleton' rider, Tim Farnham gets into a break with Levi Leipheimer and Scott Nydam of BMC. Tim ends up 2nd, but you'll have to keep an eye on his team's site for the story.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Big dog robot

Let's see, I think we can blame Darpa for the internet, and now this? Fetch, Rover. Oh wait. You don't have a head. Kinda creepy, but definitely worth a view.

Quick and Dirty Tips

Quick and Dirty Tips: "Dressing Up" -- Ah, so that's what they mean. Today's "Mr. Manners" reveals what those attire code words on invitations mean. What would you wear to a "semi-formal" event? Hmmm??? What the heck is "dressy casual?" What does "black tie" mean for women? The answers to these and the slew of other dress codes... in about 5 minutes from Mr. Manners.

The surprising thing? He didn't mention lycra once. Now that's a good fabric. Wrinkle-free, easy care, packs small, suitable for most occasions - don't you think?

Oh, and the Get-It-Done guy covers what to do when you get those long emails about life events which trigger your impulse to craft a long response. Use your phone. :) Key tip: When you get an email that will take a long time to write, it's time to use your phone.

igo stowaway and nokia n800

igo stowaway and nokia n800
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Now this is portable sized. Shown next to dell latitude for size comparison

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Alltel web access using Bluetooth, Samsung Wafer, Nokia N800

[nerd alert]

My son Erik said I was a phone nut. I would like to expand that to any small device connecting to the net. In this particular case, I'm writing up what you need to know to use your Samsung Wafer*'s data capabilities to get your Linux based Nokia N800 (wikipedia link) online when free wireless isn't found.

The reason I have to write this up is because I didn't find the answer online anywhere, and if I had listened to tech support, I would still be without connectivity. He said my phone didn't support it. That was just the way it was. This didn't make sense because it was trying to work and just choking on authentication. So, I thanked him for his unhelpfulness in a nice way and told him I'd mess with it a bit more.

Here's what worked for me:

Pair the devices using the N800 (nokia link). If you do it this way, the phone's profile information shows up with you look at its properties on the Nokia. I didn't test if this interfered with connectivity, but I don't like blank spots.

Then, you have to edit the connection:

Settings > Control Panel > Connectivity > Connections

Select your phone. [Edit] [Next]
Alltel's dial up number should be there automatically
pass: alltel

Without this information, your attempts to connect will fail.

If this is entered properly, you may then click on the connection icon at the top of your screen and change to Alltel and get online via your phone and bluetooth -- provided you have a data plan.

I recommend the $6 web access + $10 unlimited data. Alltel will try and sell you the Axcess Pack for $20, which you might want if you send pictures to lots of people. You'll have to check that out.

So anyway, I'm going to bed a little more mobile with a smaller device than before and that always makes me pleased. Next problem to solve, bluetooth access to phone's supplementary storage card. Now that would bump 'pleased' to 'grinnin.'

* Samsung Wafer 510: Reviews online for this phone seem pretty negative, but I really like it so far. While it lacks the customizeable menus of something like the Motorola E815, what's there is well thought out and feature access is fast. The camera works well and the display is really nice. The best part is that it's so super slim. You can have some pretty snug jeans on and still slip your phone in a pocket. Be careful though, the dude at the refurb/repair shop said people bust them all the time because they put them in their front pockets and then lean on a counter or desk.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

For Sale: 2003 Crown Victoria Police Interceptor

It's spring (almost) and time for a change. If you would like to slow traffic with your presence and render folks in the hood and the burbs a little nervous, you can do so quite effectively with this 2003 Crown Victoria Police Interceptor. In addition to...
  • windows tinted as dark as Nebraska law allows
  • a 2 inch hitch with 1 1/2" adapter
  • optional 4-bike Thule hitch rack
  • cruise control
  • Sony am/fm/cd auxiliary front input w/ cable (you know, for your iPod)
  • 1-year-old Parelli tires
The Triple BS (Big Bad Black Sedan) has all the standard Crown Vic PI features.
If you're interested in making an offer, please give me a call at 402 417 5600.

(oh, and the video below isn't mine. I've only run mine up to 120 once, then I thought about how expensive the ticket might be, but I'm confident it does 140 because at 120 it was just humming.)

Monday, March 10, 2008

Like flocks of birds....

With daylight savings, rumor has it we'll be seeing brightly hued flocks of cyclists Monday through Thursday evenings. Stay tuned for details. So far, TeamFIRE has confirmed its Wednesday nite no-drop ride and so has UNL's Husker Cycling regarding its Monday no-drop ride from Blues Bike and Fitness at 33rd and Pioneers. I believe it starts @ 5:30 or 6pm. For those willing to flirt with the risk of riding home alone, show up Wednesday one block north of 33rd and South at 5pm for the Weds Worlds racer ride.

Can you say WOOOO HOOOO for more sunshine???! If anyone hears me grouse about the heat this summer, I want you to just kick my butt, right there.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Women's racing on the upswing - the world centre of cycling: "Women's North American racing improves in 2008
North American UCI races are one of the more volatile aspects of the racing calendar; every year some are added and some disappear. UCI races are more complicated to put on and have significantly higher costs due to more regulations, bigger prize lists and a host of other differences. Despite this fact, the 2008 calendar for women is looking healthier than ever. Cyclingnews' North American Editor Mark Zalewski already looked at the gentlemen's side of the 2008 calendar, and now turns equal attention to the ladies."

Amber Neben and others sue Hammer Nutrition

Big thanks to 'sailfishne' for giving me the heads up on this. I like keeping tabs on Neben because of her history with the University of Nebraska. I'll be interested in seeing how this case turns out.

I don't know what all Endurolyte is supposed to do for you, but if your main objectives are electrolytes, you might consider checking out Elete. That's the electrolyte supplement I've used since I started employing such things and which also sponsors Team Revolution.

-------------------------- - the world centre of cycling: "News feature, March 7, 2008
Neben, others sue Hammer Nutrition over contamination

American cyclist Amber Neben, along with professional triathletes Rebekah Keat and Mike Vine, filed a lawsuit in a California district court last December against Hammer Nutrition, maker of Endurolytes. The lawsuit alleges that the product contained unlisted substances that caused all three plaintiffs to produce positive doping tests, and that further resulted in subsequent doping violations and sanctions."

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Pushed too far, cyclist presses charges - Salt Lake Tribune

Pushed too far, cyclist presses charges - Salt Lake Tribune:
Jason Bultman was pedaling his bicycle up 500 East in Salt Lake City in November when a red pickup zoomed up beside him and a hand swiped across his back.
Startled, the all-seasons bicycle commuter feared he was so close to the truck that it would send him sprawling. Instead the truck veered away, the passenger withdrew inside and Bultman took down the license number for what would become the first reported prosecution of Utah's 2005 law requiring motorists, in most situations, to give cyclists a 3-foot buffer."

One bike to rule them all

One bike to rule them all
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Knees saved by training log and same great ride every time.
Yep, the importance of training log was made ever so clear recently. Last week and a half I was suffering severe knee pain and began to be more than a little scared about surgery and not being able to train or race and all that... then, I looked studied back to see when I'd had such pain in that place before. VOILA! DOH! When I was riding my cross bike and alternating with commuter, a custom fit and built Waterford. The pain went away when I stuck with the single 'cross bike. SO.. I thought over what has happened the last few weeks... switching from the Lemond to the Trek and alternating between two different spin bikes. Way too much switchin' it up. I've gone to one bike all the time and the pain is gone. I don't know how the management will feel about me leading spin classes on my Trek, but I figure if they want to find someone else to get up at 4:30 am to set up and lead 5:45am class they are welcome to do that. :D

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Some small satisfaction... heh heh

Visions of an amish dominatratix. Thanks Mm. Such curious visuals haunted me for hours.

In other pain infliction news.... I managed to finally get a little satisfaction from allhell Alltel. No, they didn't part with any money or give me a free phone, that's probably unthinkable, BUT.... I got a refurbished samsung wafer and the celltop feature didn't work.

Now, seriously, I don't really care about the celltop, but if it's free I'd like it to work and part of me must enjoy fighting with Alltel. Maybe that's why I keep them as a provider. I don't know. Some sort of sick relationship. Anyway, the telephone based tech support couldn't solve the problem and routed me to a local shop. Said they needed to update the software via their little computer flash process. I figured this was BS because my phone has a software update feature which works. Nonetheless, my bill was paid up, I own all my phones, I didn't really need celltop, so I decided to go hassle an Alltel representative on principle.

My son Nick went with me, which was good. A young man needs to learn how to interact with telcoms and he was upset because he'd paid for Tetris and somehow it had been deleted from his phone.

We sign in. The associate takes me to his desk. Nick walks with me. We sit down. I settle in. The rep asks what he can do for me. I tell him it's all in the account notes. I'll wait. He reads. Tries a few things with the phone, tells me it'll take 30 minutes to do the flash. I say OK and Nick and I walk around. Nick says, "30 minutes! I don't want to wait that long." I tell him it's a ruse. They say 30 minutes so you don't get angry about the 10 ten it will actually take. Nick looks doubtful, but I'm right. We return to the desk and the rep looks a little despondent and breaks the news to me that it didn't work and he doesn't know what's wrong. He says I'll have to call tech support.

I settle back in my chair, smile, and say, "No. You call tech support. That way I don't get handed back and forth."

At this point, Nick gets up and leaves. He told me later he didn't want to be there if things got ugly.

They didn't, of course, at least not for me. The rep dutifully called Alltel. Three times he tried unsuccessfully to navigate the automated routing system. The second time he was even told to call back and press the right numbers. At that point, he growled, "He could of transferred me with two buttons." His chin got lower to the desk. Eventually, he gets a human and they go through all the same things he's already done with the tech support dude neatly evading all the reps direct questions. The poor rep looks increasingly put out and when the tech support dude brightly said, "Have I answered all your questions, today?" There was a pause. The rep looked down at his phone, finger hovering over the 'End' button. Finally he says, "Yes," and pokes the button. Then turns to me, fully irritated and frustrated.

"I'm sorry, there's nothing I can do. You could get a new phone, but you probably don't want a contract."

I grin. "You're right. I don't, thanks for trying though. Just watching you work has been pretty satisfying. Share the love.*"

Nick returns, a scowl on his face. He had waited 45 minutes only to be told he had to purchase it again if he wanted Tetris because he must have deleted it. Ah. The edification of the young. Almost too satisfying for one afternoon.

* "Share the love" Alltel's new tagline.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Bicycle Retailer and Industry News

I thought it was a joke, but it's true....

Bicycle Retailer and Industry News: "The fight is against a ban on quick-release axles that has been proposed in the New Jersey legislature."

Monday, March 03, 2008

No, I'm not dead

Long time to type here. BUT.... here's the scoop since last time...

Regarding the madone.... it's built up and riding nice. I'm getting closer to getting it dialed in. Although initially smitten with the paint job, I fell out of love because of all it's specialness.... requires special treatment (torque wrench) to change the seat height, weird shaped tubes don't fit my bike rack, etc., but after a couple of rides outside, I think we're going to have a solid relationship this summer. insert big @$$ grin here. :D

, after cruising around the blogosphere for the first time in days, I seem to have been the only one who DIDN'T ride this last weekend. Hurumph. So jealous, but I have a sore knee and rather than aggravate it and risk having to take more time off later in the season, it was deemed best to take time off now. Consequently, I've been sitting on my derriere in front of my comp working and occasionally playing video games. Well, one game in particular. Don't laugh... "Twilight Princess" -- from the Zelda series. I know, I know, I should harden up and play Halo or somesuch, but that just ends up triggering all my competitive bloodlust on a sofa -- not a pretty sight and certainly not relaxing for anyone.

Twilight Princess, on the other hand, is like an interactive fairy tale where you do get a lot of swordplay, but at least you're by yourself and people you supposedly love and who supposedly love you aren't trying to blow your head off. I don't know why, but that chaps me off so much usually end up breaking out "The Enforcer," an Amish wooden spoon my mom gifted me to help raise up tolerable boys. They might be bigger and able to annihilate me with their big bad virtual armaments, but reality comes home hard in the meatspace when I upgrade the backhand to amish-extendothority. Ha!

Should also be noted I was asked twice this morning if I was getting back to my training program. Does this mean they don't appreciate my extra energy and attention? Hmmm.