Tuesday, February 19, 2008

PezCycling News - What's Cool In Pro Cycling

PezCycling News - What's Cool In Pro Cycling: "What does it take – mentally – for professional cyclists to be successful in a stage race like the Tour of California? What can the rest of us mere mortals learn from their experiences? Pez talks candidly with Katheryn Curi Mattis, Steven Cozza, and Ben Jacques-Maynes, and hears some surprising and inspiring stories."


oldmanandhisbike said...

Sort of on subject: Did any of your teammates compete in the womens criterium they had yesterday at the TOC? Thought I saw some light blue jerseys at the end of the sprint finish.

sydney_b said...

Unfortunately no. Instead the rest of my teamies opted for a slice a frozen hell near Cincinnati Saturday and Sunday. A study in misery called Schabobele. But I think they won a barbie toaster or something like that. So we'll have a new traveling trophy. :D