Friday, February 22, 2008

One World, Two Wheels

One World, Two Wheels

Not only is this a cool idea, but it's supported by my bike sponsor, so please check it out. If you're in or near one of these cities, I'm sure you know candidate for this contest.

Local Cycling Retailer Partners with Supplier for Major Advocacy Initiative
(Omaha, NE – February 21, 2008)

The Go By Bike Challenge starts today in Omaha, Kansas City, and St. Louis. Midwest Cycling LLC. has partnered with Trek Bicycle Corporation to offer 2 people from each city a unique opportunity to integrate bicycles into their daily life.

Area residents are invited to visit the Go By Bike Challenge website to submit their profile. A man and a woman from each city will be selected to receive a free bicycle and accessories from the event sponsors. Their prizes are theirs to keep if they complete the Challenge.

For the Challenge, each of the six winners will ride bikes on 6 short trips (under 2 miles) per week during the month of May, National Bike Month. Winners will post weekly online entries about the Challenge to share their experience with others in the community.

The goal of the Challenge is to promote a lifestyle which integrates the bicycle into daily life. Cycling promotes healthy people and a healthy environment; it is safe and fun for everyone.

Over 50% of the car trips taken in the US today are less than 2 miles. With the world facing concerns of global climate change and skyrocketing obesity rates, it is clear that our exclusive reliance on cars for transport isn’t sustainable. Using a bicycle for short trips is ideal. Bicycles are a practical solution, emitting zero pollutants and providing a low impact workout for the rider.

Learn more about the Challenge online. Deadline for entries is midnight March 24, 2008. Submit your profile today, and spread the word.

Working together we can make our communities greener and leaner.

Go By Bike Challenge


Marc said...

I guess this doesn't apply to Lincoln residents? No matter. Advocacy to promote riding as transportation or is it marketing?

To me education is the best way to get people to ride. Not giving away stuff. I think they should use that money for educating people about the bene's of riding. You also want to do something good for your community get out and help an under priviledged person. Show some young kids bikes. They are the future.

Let me use that money and I'll put it to good use!

Cornbread said...

Awesome idea.

Anonymous said...

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Jim said...

Hi Marc, that seems like such a negative comment from a cyclist. I get from the website that all are welcome to send in a essay to win. Advocacy, marketing ? Probably both.
You should do a little research, Trek Omaha/ HighGear have for the past two years partnered with the Council Bluffs Firefighters to help give away more than 125 bikes to underprivileged kids and families through out the year but more so around the holidays. I know this because I'm the one that takes them to the families. You should see the tears in the eyes of parent's when we pull up in a fire truck on Christmas Eve or day. And the joy on faces of the kids ( our future )is indescribable.
Didn't they also put on some races last summer for $10? The turnout was amazing. I remember seeing so many people and KIDS (our future) turn out for those and have a blast. What great advocacy, new riders on the trails !
I guess I was a little offended by your second paragraph. Just because they didn't use it for marketing (bikes for kids) doesn't mean they there not involved in the community.
Have a great day Marc and we'll see you on the road.

Marc said...


Thats great. 125+ kids where given a bike. The kids mtn bike races. That's great also. Should be free.

My keys words in that second paragraph were: education, under priveledged and kids. I would rather see some mentoring of a few kids. I'm about quality not quantity. Teach a few of these kids by example. Educate them in life long good habits. Don't just hand them a bike and walk away. I know you don't mean to do that. That just the way I see it.

If I can teach just one kid the great benefits of cycling I know that down the road someone else will take up his example and so forth and so forth.