Friday, February 15, 2008

Don't say I didn't warn you

So my department is having everyone go through the Myer's-Briggs personality analysis with the objective of improving communication and consequently, productivity. If you think this is more touchy-feely than necessary, you would be in alignment with my original perspective. HOWEVER, I must now confess it was useful and helped me see where some of the major conflicts I've had with people may have originated. The analysis leader, a professor here at UNL, said we should share our types with others, so I'm going to let you know I'm an ENTP. I was this when I first took this test as an undergrad and surprising to me - because I've worked so hard on some of this type's weaknesses - test out the same now.

I'm an ENTP, which stands for Extrovert, Intuitive, Thinking, and Perceiving. I barely register as an extrovert, but the intuitive orientation is as strong as it can possibly be. In fact, the presenter mentioned a rating like that would probably wreak some havoc on one's life. Yeah, no kidding. But, knowledge is power and I already knew I was this way and work on it. To what avail, I don't know given the test came out the same, but I'll keep at it.

In any case, having taken several instruments of this type, one thing I like about the Myers-Briggs is the mindset of working on weaknesses in order to become more whole, a more complete person. I think that's an important aspect left out of instruments like Gallup's strength-finder. Though, one might argue the strength finder isn't about weaknesses. Handle that in your off time. It's about finding what you have to wield with some potency. If I remember correctly, my top 5 on that were command, tactical, relator, learner, and I don't recall what else, maybe strategic. In light of the Myers-Briggs results, I can see why some would say what they do on occasion. And that's all I'm sayin' about that.

What about you?


Jon said...


Darn close.

Jon Downey

Anne said...


Hummm, my secret code word to post today is:
Sounds like a tire blow out.

Chris said...

Syd - I am surprised to hear you are an extrovert. Funny how you read someone's blog for a long time and think you have them figured out. I always figured you as the opposite.

sydney_b said...

funny you should say that, Chris. I'm actually the slightest of extroverts. I think one question puts me to that side of the scale. So you might not be far off.

Jon & Anne - both have the NT thing going on. Can't wait to get some more info on who's what. Chris, haven't you taken this thing???? I'm gonna have to think about you and see if I can guess what you are.

bluecolnago said...

i figured you to be an extrovert after seeing and hearing you ring the cowbell at the cx race in des moines last fall...... :)

Chris said...


Here is what it says:


You are:
slightly expressed introvert

moderately expressed sensing personality

slightly expressed thinking personality

moderately expressed judging personality

podunk said...

I still have your StrengthsFinder PDF on my machine. It says you took the instrument on February 16, 2006 at 2:41PM. It lists your Top 5 themes as


sydney_b said...

and poor memory, apparently. :)

Probably was mixing mine with Tammy's. Thx for posting.

oldmanandhisbike said...


Really Slow

I don't know why, but that is how mine came out. The name is Meijer-Biggs test, right?

Neve_r_est said...

I would guess myself to be ISTJ, but I've not been tested outside of the driving improvement courses.


gravy said...

I remember you coming over one time and extroverting quarters all over the drive way...


Anonymous said...


But I all but max out each of the four dimensions.

Maybe similar Myers-Briggs the reason for all the conversation during the Lumberjack. Well, between your crashes that is.

DiSC Profile?

Adrian_O said...

ENTJ. Thought you were INTRO.

Leonard said...

only really got to know you at Ouachita last year. Partying down after the race and at the pizza place with you, squirrel, and Dennis, I would have to say you are definitely extroverted.

or at least when you are boozin', but who isn't.

the old bag said...

I came out the same 15 years later: ENFP...sure I'd be a T instead of an F at 40. I got a book that explained the phenomenon (Do What You Are, I think was the name) -- as one ages, one realizes her way of dealing with the world isn't the only way and begins to see virtue in developing strengths in other areas to filter, check and supplement decisions, etc. BUT, that initial "prognosis" is always at the core and is what one ultimately depends on.

sydney_b said...

@Len, :D It's mostly when I'm around people I like and feel like being there at the same time. That was one of those days.

@tob, I know what you mean.