Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Busy this week. Random thoughts so far.

  1.  If you mean "me" or "you," be clear and don't say "we." I hate that.
  2. I hope my 13-year-old basketball player develops a healthful slant with this baking baking compulsion he's developed. A cake or cookies every day is going to put my lycra's elasticity to the test.
  3. There is no perfect phone, but touch screens are definitely the way to go. Since I've been using one, every time I use someone else's phone, I ineffectually jab the screen time and time again.
  4. My favorite podcasts are "Get-It-Done-Guy's quick and dirty tips to working less and doing more" and "This American Life"
  5. Installed the Greasemonkey and Better Gmail 2 firefox extensions and am enormously pleased with me email interface now. Can't recommend it enough when used in combination with a "Get it done" (GTD) strategy. Another indispensable piece of software if you're running Windows ....  Xplorer2 .. the lite version is free, but has lots of useful features, but I think I'm gonna go pro soon. It rocks.
  6. Finally, an epiphany. "To Do" lists are pointless. I only need a calendar for everything I do takes time. If I decide to do a thing, I should just mark out the time right there and then. Otherwise, I'll just end up with a depressing mile long list. I suppose a "Stuff I'd like to do someday when I'm bored list" might be OK.
  7. The eclipse was pretty cool. Don't recall seeing one like this before.

over and out.


Adrian_O said...

#2 - touch screens are in! I bought the iTouch (SA-WEET) - I believe the iPhone is the prefect phone (w/out the service). Once you get service it degrades to not-so-perfect.

bluecolnago said...

teach my boss that "to do" lists are pointless. that would be nirvana, if you could make it happen! :)

Chris said...

My boss always says "we" and then clarifies it as the Royal We meaning me. It is comical.

oldmanandhisbike said...

To do lists are made to be broken. I know there are things around my house that were "to do's" 3 years ago.
The eclipse was awesome. Painful to stand outside in -8 and watch it though!

Stever Robbins said...
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout out; Funny you should mention TO DO lists being meaningless. My epsiode in two weeks is on the very topic of TO DO lists. Different people relate differently to TO DO lists. It depends on personality and nature of job. I'm with you, mostly--my TO DO list used to be massive and now I almost don't use one. But I've tried many different systems and there are some out there that work great for many people. Cheers! - Stever Robbins, host of The Get-It-Done Guy.

sydney_b said...

Oh, wow, this is super cool. A comment from the GID guy. Hey, we all have our rock stars.