Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Brush with fame via proxy? Does that count?

Well, 't isn't me hangin' with Cipollini, but truth be told, even if done by proxy, it's still kinda cool. Wonder if fellow Nebraskan and cycling nerd extraordinaire, Sean Weide, ran some training miles to handle this gig???


bryan said...

wow -- did he shimmy into Rock and Republic jeans, too? Impressive.

Oh, and the Cipo thing is OK, too.

oldmanandhisbike said...

I love how Cipo does not have to wear the company duds, the helmet or even the glasses the other Rock Racers do. I guess that is the perks of fame.
Of course, he is riding because he needs the money. Has to pay some back taxes, so I suppose the sponsorship dollars come in handy.

Sean Weide said...

Those are Rock & Republic jeans. And yes, as my wife can attest, I was out running in boots in the snow in January so I wouldn't have a heart attack chasing Mario around.

Marc said...

I can't resist this one: Run Forest run