Monday, January 14, 2008

Whatever you do, do it with excellence

After my spin class this morning, I stopped for coffee at Cultiva on 15th and South. It's a new place, but I like it very much and the coffee is superb - at least as far as I can tell. I am no 'cupper.' In fact, I'm not even much of a snob. I'll drink it all, but if I have a choice and it's convenient, I'll go for the good stuff.

While enjoying my breakfast, I noticed the Barista magazine and for a fleeting moment, I thought, "surely not."

I picked it up and found several articles and in about 10 minutes greatly expanded my appreciation for the men and women whose expertise often graces my day. Their pursuit of excellence inspired me to resolve to do the same, no matter the work I chose to do or its fiscal compensation. If I choose to do it, I will also choose to do it with my best effort.

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the mostly reverend said...

good afternoon, sid--
i share your rage with the bad boys and their noisy toys.

"if god didn't give them balls and a backbone, at least they can still buy a hemi."

but what caught my eye was the barista championship. i worked at zanzibar's, a des moines coffeeshop, for a little over three years. i went to a coffee conference in seattle a few years ago, and witnessed the national barista championships, thinking i might give it a try. i came away completely disheartened: the whole affair was like american idol on caffeine.
totally glitz and glam, all show, and NOT about the quiet quality that is the hallmark of a great coffee experience, in my book anyway.

oh well, to each his or her own...