Monday, January 28, 2008

Weekend roundup

Rodeo Life
So this weekend my dad and my perpetually well-mannered and tactful brother-in-law take 3 year old Sean to his first rodeo. Boys night out, you know. They're seated next to a beer drinking good time group with a couple of hotties showin' what they got with those scooped neck blouses. From his father's arms, little Sean looks over, eyeballs the goods, and in a voice to be heard over the rodeo din, says "Look at those boobies." His grandpa thought maybe he and his daddy might have been awarded big "F"s in parenting. Personally, I think maybe my curvy sis might have taught him this one, but that's just speculation.

Oh, please be true
The team bikes are supposed to ship today. I'm hoping it works out that way because this last week was a rough one, and it'd be awful nice to look forward to a shiny new ride. No, I'm not sayin' what it is or anything more. You'll have to wait for the pix.

Amen. Racin' about to start
Alright. I wasn't planning on the Froze Toes race, being as I thought I'd had enough cold weather riding with 'cross and training through the winter, but I'm changing my mind. I'm needing a race, 'cuz I love doing that, and that's why I train, even when I don't feel like it. Anyone else goin? It's 2/24. Brrrr. :D


Neve_r_est said...

Truth in advertising, right son?

Froze toes, maybe if I can't find anything better to do.


Chris said...

You may have said before, but what is the new bike?

bluecolnago said...

sean be 'da man, eh? that's good!

bri said...

yay team bikes. are they shipping straight to us or to st. l???

sorel top said...

I'm blaming grandpa -- it works for everything else!